Ever asked yourself the question what does my dog say about me? No. Well sit down and get reading.

There are many ways to judge the character of an individual. See a guy in a three-piece suit and you think to yourself banker, lawyer or businessman. Whatever, the point is you think of success and wealth. It’s the same with cars. See a Ferrari on the street and you think riches. See an old banged up pick up and you think rags.  You get the point. Your possessions can tell a story about you, without you having to open your mouth.

For those of you that own a dog or thinking of owning a dog here’s something to consider. Do yourself a favor and purchase something that at least represents a dog. Not one of those tiny things that can mistakenly pass for a hamster or a gerbil.

I can literally count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen massive 6ft+ guys walking tiny little things they call dogs. In my opinion it just doesn’t fit right. It doesn’t look proportionate. It’s like having a massive upper body with scrawny, little legs and calves. (Note: if you own a small dog and are a big guy, shoot me a comment as to why you like small dog breeds).

Small dogs are better suited to the ladies and old grannies. Not massive guys. I personally own one of the biggest dog breeds that is in existence. “Tiger” my dog. These dogs emit power, strength and masculinity.

Just the other day, I was out with my dog heading down to our local park, when two fellas were exiting. One look at the dog, they commented “that dog is big.” They then proceeded in stepping aside and giving us way to continue.


Despite what the media says, these dogs aren’t the vicious killers they are portrayed as. Trust me. Having owned three of them I know. With proper training and good discipline they can make some of the best friends a person could have.

That’s not to say other breeds aren’t good. There are lots of other good dog breeds. Just remember, if you’re going to buy a dog, make sure it is at the very least the size of a Staff. (Staffordshire bull terrier for those that aren’t good with breed names).

The take home point here is “having a powerfully built and sized dog will command respect and even some good old fear.” People will make trashy comments saying fear and intimidation are tools of the devil, but you want a little of that. After all you don’t want some random wacko coming near you or your property. As long as your dog doesn’t bite or harm anyone you’re golden.

Remember, leave the baby sized dogs for the ladies and grannies. If you’re man enough get yourself one that represents your stature.


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  1. that’s why I choose PitBull cause i love the way it looks and their attitude is like me. Sorry for my bad english brother Peace Out!

    – FRANCO

    • Excellent brother. Great choice of breed. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

      • Actually my PITBULL helps me a lot from making some money, guarding my home, making my son happy, and inspired me to get jacked. I really can’t imagine my life without my DOG he is my best friend. I am really lucky because my wife like him a lot although he looks like a monster haha.

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