Roar of anguish.

Roar of anguish.

“No parent should have to bury their child.”

I don’t know who said it, but it fits the bill. Not a pretty phrase, but one that sums up the situation.

Just a short note about the passing of the newborn cub at London zoo, whom I wrote about in “HISTORY IN THE MAKING: BIRTH OF THE TIGER CUB.”

A heart felt condolence goes out to Jae Jae and Melati at the London zoo for the loss of their young one. The cub met it’s untimley end in the pool in the tiger enclosure. It’s damn unfortunate that this rare animal, so young has already departed.

The first cub in London in the last 17 years is GONE. GONE FOR GOOD. Little’s known about how it got into the pool but it was discovered by the edge.

Losing a child’s difficult for any parent to deal with. It’s also something no parent should have to go through. That’s why it’s such a damn shame.

Once again, Condolences go out to the parents for their loss.

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  1. Sometimes it’s really hurt to think that animal are much better parents for their kids especially if you see someone abandon their kids. I’m also a father now, I have two kids I have one adopted daughter and one biological son. I can say that I am not a good son for my parents for being a stubborn but I can assure to my self that I am a good father to my kids. I don’t know but seeing my kids is like a new life to me and its really means a lot, I found out that being a father is not just a responsibility is also a passion. To be honest with you I don’t have any respect to someone who’s abandoned their child for just nonsense. Hats off to you brother for this heartwarming post and also condolence to Jae Jae and Melati at the London zoo for the loss of their young one.

    • Brother sounds like you’re a terrific father. I’m sure you teach your kids about life, kicking butt and achieving their own future ambitions. At the end of the day your kids reflect you. Teach them about the game of life and they’ll do well in life. Those people that mistreat their children are dirtbags and don’t deserve to have kids in the first place.

      There’s probably no full-time job that compares with looking after kids. To all those parents out there who bend backwards for their kids you’ve got my respect.

  2. Thanks for that wonderful compliment from you brother. I bet you’re going to be great dad for your kids also. BTW I really miss your kickass post here, and I am actually starting to get withdrawal into your good stuff here (haha) take your time brother cause I know every post you make is a worth reading.

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