To train or not to train?

How often should you train? That’s the question

It’s a question raised often. How often should you train in a given week? The honest truth is that there is no solid, definitive be all and end all answer that will satisfy all tastes. We’re all individuals at the end of the day, each with different requirements and goals.

Simply put, there’s too many damn variables/options available to group everybody together under one category. Some train 3 days, 4 days, 6 days, hence the large number of different programs that cater to that.

It all comes down to the individual. It really depends on how your body feels and responds your training frequency. By no means am I saying that an individual that trains 3 times a week trains less intensely and effectively than someone training 6 times a week. (And vice versa).

I personally prefer training with weights 3-4 times in a given week. However, I also engage in other physical activities outside of those “training days.” including sprinting, practicing martial arts, heavy bag work, stretching, yoga and calisthenics. (A rest day to me is simply a day where I don’t meditate with iron).

I view these activities as more of an outlet. Leisurely activities that I like to participate in and find joy doing. In fact I’m pretty much involved in some form of physical activity/training every day of the week.

Call them “rest days” or “active recovery days.” Whatever you like, it really doesn’t matter.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t seek to train merely for aesthetics. I train to be more athletic and to prevent injuries. Above all I train to make myself a better, more resilient and disciplined individual.


Don’t get me wrong!! If I feel I need additional “rest days” with little to no activity I take them. Only when the need arises. I always listen to my body.

Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter how many days you train, as long as you’re enjoying it, you feel great, it doesn’t eat into your recovery and recuperation capabilities, but most of all, you’re getting the desired results. 

Overtraining is not something I’m overly concerned with, because I’ve never really felt or been over trained. (At least in my mind).

I don’t rely on anybody to tell me how my body feels and responds to the loads I place on it. I know my own body and that’s the key thing.

You’ve got to consciously, understand your body and the signals it sends you. Get in tune with yourself.

In this day and age we rely too much on others to tell us what’s good for our bodies. There’s so much conflicting information out there that people are bombarded with.

Nobody can tell you how your body will respond to a particular frequency of training. You alone have to judge that for yourself.

Remember, no one on the face of this planet knows your body better than you.

People may look at what I do and say, yep definitely overtraining. I don’t give a damn though. I train according to how I feel and that’s good enough for me.

Train insane and enjoy the ride.


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