Garbage, garbage everywhere.

Garbage, garbage everywhere.

Society really is downgrading. Even with all this modern technology, fancy gadgets and world of upgrades, the quality of life simply isn’t keeping up. Everywhere you look, people are ensnared in it.

The garbage is all around.

Instead of eating whole, natural foods we consume processed garbage. We watch garbage on TV instead of doing something more beneficial like reading an educational book, boosting our knowledge and empowering ourselves.

People view garbage on their phones and social media, rather than actually physically interacting with others. As a result they’re becoming more robotic themselves.

Society is turning us into lazy slobs. We’re ultimately to blame however, because we don’t do ourselves justice.

We conform to all the bullshit. The common excuse is convenience.

It’s more convenient to order out pizza and ice cream than it is to cook chicken, rice and veggies at home. It’s more convenient to take the car down the road to the supermarket than it is to walk. (Moaning about the heaviness of shopping is no excuse).

No matter how  hard or tough we consider ourselves, there’s no denying the fact that as humans we’re more likely to opt for the easy way out. We’re always looking for short cuts to everything.  (I’m guilty of it as well at times, just like anybody else).

Garbage is everywhere. No wonder society is falling apart.

The more of this garbage people absorb and consume, the more moronic society is becoming. It’s really quite utterly ridiculous. If things keep going humanity is going to end up as one uncommunicative wreck. (It’s happening).

Humanity is losing its grip on reality. (That’s no damn joke).

What’s the appeal with all this garbage?

What’s the solution to this situation?

Where to even begin?

START WITH YOURSELF. BETTER YOURSELF. Instead of going home tonight and sitting your comfortable touché on the couch and turning on the brainwash box (TV) pick up a book, newspaper, hell read a blog post. Something that you can get actual value from.

Better yourself. Make yourself smarter. Don’t be like every other individual that goes home after work and sits in front of the box, counting the hours till they go to bed, get up, come home from work and repeat.

It’s not really that hard to read a book instead of watching the latest episode of whatever corny show’s on.

If you hate reading, here’s a quick, simple tip.

Create a blood oath with yourself. Every night before you go to bed, read at least 1 page of a book of your choosing.

Eventually that 1 page will turn into 2,3,5, and soon enough you’ll enjoy reading.

Switch that damn mobile off every once in a while. In fact I know a guy that doesn’t take any calls after 6pm. Thats it, his cut off point. It’s distracting, disruptive and constantly an annoyance.

The worst bit is you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone and your phone goes off. You answer the call and start babbling away.

How does that make the person you’re conversing with feel?

Maybe it’s happened to you. How’d it make you feel?

I’m not saying these things are inherently bad. it’s fine to watch a little TV, spend a bit of time on social media and phones.

The problem is when it ends up taking over your life. When you’re more concerned with what happened last night on TV than the goals you’ve set yourself. If that sums you up, you need to seriously sort out your priorities.

You might not feel it now, but it’s great to be (at least a little) different than everyone else. Not to be grouped and lumbered with Tom, Dick and Harry.

Raise the bar, be a leader, don’t follow the rest of the herd. If everyone selects x, pick y. If they  take a left, take a right.

At first you may find it hard to break away from the conformity and constraints of others, but realise this. You are your own person. You have your own path in life.

Nobody in this world was meant to be exactly the same as someone else. Otherwise we’d all look the same, talk the same and be the same.



Ironic that one of the greatest speeches came from the mouth of a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin.


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  1. Great article. Very true. Society is becoming more ignorant. It’s striking the number of people that can’t do simple things like changing a lightbulb, but ask em what happened last night on X-factor and damn they’ll give you the whole breakdown.

  2. Sriramaraju says:

    Very true and it’s the reality now. Good one.
    All of us ending up gadgets. I see many times 2 people sitting and having a Coffee but not talking to each other just checking there mobiles and messaging. Now many people not caring in front of the people ending up checking up what others doing in FB and what up.

    • Great point. It’s clearly becoming more common nowadays unfortunately. It’s a pretty sad state. Human beings are conversationalists, not mutes. Cheers for taking the time to drop by. Your comments are valuable.

  3. I agree with your solution. We have to first make those changes within ourselves that we want to see in others. You have to make yourself an inspiration for others to follow your path.
    Great post!.

    • Exactly right. Every single human being on this planet has the potential to change the world and leave a mark on it in their own unique way.

      Conquering the self is the first major hurdle, that often stops many dead in their tracks.

      You have to rise above that, go through hell and high water. Conquer yourself and let your light shine onto others.

  4. Right on. Time to change course, or we are doomed.

  5. Where are we all going? Another mind boggling article that has brought me to stop and ponder. Change has to start with one (me) first and then the home. The rest will follow.

    You might be wondering where I’ve been. Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been chewing on WARRIOR 101 and digesting it. It’s my Bible when it comes health and fitness. Speaking of reading, it’s my bed side read too.

    I’ve been following the Warrior strength and power phase and have gotten much stronger. I really feel like it’s helping UNCAGE THE ANIMAL WITHIN!!

    • Quality point. Quality comment. Absolutely right, first you work on yourself and then those close to you. After that the rest of society follows. It’s a means of progression.

      You can’t expect to change someone else if you haven’t changed yourself. That just makes you a hypocrite.

      Glad to hear you’re liking WARRIOR 101 and making progress.

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