The Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger training. Need I say more.

The Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger training. Need I say more.

Do you workout?…….

The phrase “working out” is thrown around often. The irony is that it doesn’t seem to have much weight. It’s become a casual term without much meaning. Nothing irritates me more than the term “working out”. Not the word itself, but the way people use it. They don’t do the word justice.

Ever seen all those people that “work out” at the gym? You know the ones running on the treadmill or whatever equipment they’re using. Do you notice anything specific about them? They are all out of shape, but they have convinced themselves they are making progress because they are “working out”.

I’ve seen people “working out”, on their phones, watching the TV monitors and reading magazines. All of this while they’re supposedly “working out.”

Standing around!! A new exercise I never knew about

Standing around!! A new exercise I never knew about

Let me tell you something. Working out is the new lazy. Working out is just a nicer way of saying, “I go through the motions, I’m not really pushing myself, but I go to the gym and just screw around”.

I, on the other hand do not workout, I train.  Train with fire, intensity and rage. If someone was to ask me if I did workout, I’d say, “No I don’t workout, I train and train damn hard too.”

You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, okay smart guy what’s the difference between working out and training? Well let me give it to you straight.

Working out is a pansy way of exercising. It’s the new lazy. It’s for people who try to prove that they exercise, but in reality they just go through the motions without ever feeling the aching, swelling and burning of their muscles, without really testing their strength and pushing themselves to their limit.

Training is going beyond that, pro athletes train. It’s a whole new level. Training is like sprinting, while working out (the way many average individuals do) is like walking. One will give you results the other will give zilch.

Which one do you follow?

Am I asking you to train like an athlete? No, absolutely not. But if you’re not working hard, you should be.

How do you train then?… Simple. Get in the gym and start tearing it up. Experience the burning and pumping of your muscles. Feel the weights. Don’t just lift them expecting your body to change itself.

Consciously feel what the exercise is doing for your body. Your mind must guide your body. If you can’t do any of this, don’t train at a gym. Forget those shinny new sneakers/trainers and latest gym clothes and find yourself something else to do with your time.

Make the time count. Every minute, second and millisecond.

If you workout/train and are doing it properly and seeing results, excellent. Keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not, shape up and fly right.

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  1. That is what i am talking about my friend. Every-time I go to my second home (gym) I set set my body and mind going to a war. My war against my fat, yes my friend I used to be fat and I still remember how people laughing at me because I am not working out with them in their treadmill and joining them in their aerobic shit! I am always focus on lifting weight to destroy my fat. And after a year of hard-work and dedication I finally conquered my obesity! From 280 pounds I am now proudly180Lbs and i feel like a king.

    BTW, the people who are running in treadmill and laughing at me during my first battle are still fat, but not me anymore. They keep saying working out but nothing actually work for what they are doing.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I will not stop going to a war until my last breath!

    • This my friend, right here is quality. This is what I’m talking about. Tear it up in the gym and just see the damn results. Excellent, love to hear it. I used to be weak, never used to really train hard. Then I realised the error of my ways and starting training right. It’s always about constantly improving and never being satisfied, Like Arnold says “always stay hungry”.

      • Uncle Arnie is always right!!! and also you for bringing up the truth about what is the true meaning of training and not working out! Every time I train hard I convert my self as a beast who never get satisfied!!!!

        • Exactly right brother. Once you know what you have to do. All you have to do is do it. Visualise yourself achieving it, then put the plan into action. You are a rare breed that truly grasps the understanding of what training is all about. That puts you above the rest of those gym lackeys that “workout” or think they are training. Keep up the good work, you’re on the right path.

          • Going to gym is like having a new life for me, that’s why i respect my training. Gym taught me a lot of things that I didn’t learn in school, work or even in my parents. Gym teach me the true value of hardworking, perseverance, discipline, self-control and a lot of good things that really change my life for a better me and give me a true peace of mind.

            More power to your site brother our fellow brother will let your site after this comment. I’m gonna spread the good news brought us by G.K!!!!

  2. Much appreciated brother. Your story is truly inspirational and motivational in itself. There will be many more articles to come on the subject of training.

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