3 steps to success

Today folks, I’m going to cover something that’s so simple, yet massively critical to your success (or lack thereof) in virtually every facet of your life.

First up, I want to get something straight.

Despite the title of this article, the path to success is a largely unique and somewhat unknown journey. There is no clear-cut, single path to achieving success.

There is no “one size fits all” road map to success. Your success is going to be individual. It’s unique to you, your business, development etc. It’s in direct relation to your life situation.

You can’t recreate the exact same success of others. Your success is your success. See it as such.

Another point worth mentioning, that’ll save you a ton of frustration is:

When you take the first step towards your goals, it’s like stepping off into the unknown.

You’ll be forced into the darkness without any light.

You’ll come face to face with your biggest enemy. The enemy within.

It’s the unknown that scares the hell out of people and the biggest cause of procrastination. That fear of the unkown holds them back, preventing them from pursuing their passion.

Understand and accept the fact that you won’t have the answers to everything. (Especially in the beginning). You’ll figure things out as you gradually progress, grow in experience and ascend that success ladder.

The point of this article, is to give you the basic, essential steps to get you started on your journey of personal development, growth and without sounding to damn repetitive, SUCCESS.

Here goes…


  • Vision
  • Action
  • Hard Work

Step 1: Vision

Have a clear, precise vision. What do you have to impart onto and impact this world? What part do you have to play? How can you add value and lead to the betterment of humanity and the world around?

Personal example: When I created WARRIOR 101, I had a distinct vision to help others realize their potential to get into the best shape they could. It was based on my own experience and what I’d found to be effective in my own physique pursuit.

Step 2: Action

Once you have your vision, go forth and work endlessly to see it come to fruition. Put your soul and entire being into fuelling whatever you seek to create. Ultimately you’ve got to take the initiative and JUST FRIGGING DO IT.

Personal example: Having clearly laid out the vision, I got to work, writing, illustrating and compiling everything together. It took months of work, since I was doing everything myself.

Nights spent editing, re-writing interspersed with days spent working on illustrations and taking photos.

I wrote. I wrote till my fingers bled and my nails turned blue, then I wrote some more. (Just my little Fight Club parody).

Which brings me onto the next point.

Step 3: Hard, Hard, Work

Work your ass off. Once you’ve taken the plunge, work diligently to achieve your goals and reach your pinnacle.

Realise and understand that you will face struggles, battle hardships along the way. Hey, Life’s hard. The universe will present challenges to you.

They’re tests to see how committed you are to your initial vision.

Do you have the conviction to follow through and see it to completion?

It’s simple, fairly basic stuff that, once you grasp and utilise will greatly benefit from. (I know I have).

We all know this deep down inside. In fact anybody that ever achieved anything noteworthy used these basic steps to get the ball rolling and propel them.

It’s like the skeleton, the backbone of achievement.

Unfortunately, few of us actually ever take the time to implement. It’s an unfortunate consequence of the world we live in today.

The pace of life is driving us to want results now, without putting in the time and effort to earn it.

This is apparent via the sheer number of people sucking and leeching on the system, claiming benefits for which they have no entitlement.

Essentially it comes down to this:

If you haven’t worked and sweated to earn something, you won’t appreciate the true value. It’s just another dispensable item.

I’m on this journey, like the rest of you. I haven’t reached the pinnacle of my success, if there is such a thing.

However, I’ve gone through a hell of a lot of personal development and growth and created a successful mental, physical and spiritual shift within.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of this journey and from where I am at currently, it’s this:

Invest in yourself. Invest in your personal growth and development.

Choose and read books that quench your thirst for learning and betterment. The way you live your life is what ultimately makes you successful. Live with purpose and you’ll cultivate the success you seek.

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  1. Enjoyed the article bro! Let’s hope I can utilise that info now and actually put it into effect.

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