Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ( The artful Venice circa 2016).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (The artful Venice circa 2016).

“You are an artist. Your experiences the brushstrokes, & life itself the canvas. Go forth and create your art.” 

Let that statement mull over and sink in. Ultimately, the conclusion you should arrive at is this:

You are your own unique masterpiece and work in progress.

Today’s post will cover a few methods you can implement to break out of the mold and become a creator rather than a consumer.

So your next questions are likely….

  • How do you create your own masterpiece?
  • How do you make life art?

Simple. Do what you love. (Since I’m a swell guy, I’m not going to leave you hanging with that somewhat incomplete explanation).

That which inspires, excites and thrills you. Engage in activities that are meaningful to you and allow you to bring your own personality to the table.

When people think of art, they bring their close-minded, boxed perception to the forefront.

Sure painting, photography, sculpting, pottery etc, are all examples of art and fit within the context of artistry.

However, to say that these aspects exemplify art in its entirety is downright moronic and unjust.

Art is to be free. It’s freedom of expression. Unlike subjects such as math and history, art isn’t something that can be tied down and confined.

The moment this happens it’s no longer an art form.

To live artfully is to live authentically. To live life as you see fit and to partake in self-expression.

Human beings weren’t designed to be robots, despite the hive minded direction society seems to be engulfed in nowadays.

Anyways, I digress.

The following pointers are elements I’ve implemented and personally recorded great successes with, in relation to the overall life satisfaction department.

I’m pretty darn positive that you’ll be able to experience the same and bring about a new way of thinking and experiencing the world around you.

Here goes….

1) Envision your life as one gigantic masterpiece

Far too many individuals look at their lives from a pessimistic, negative perspective. They tend to get caught up on the problems they’re experiencing and being challenged with.

To truly break free from this vicious, ensnaring, self-defeating circle you’ve got to shift your mindset.

Though you may not be able to control all outside forces and factors in your life, you can certainly diminish the feelings of negativity towards these experiences by adjusting the way you perceive these situations.

The net result will be a positive shift in the manner in which you respond to your environment.

If you view and think of your life as an artwork, something you can mold and sculpt into a thing of beauty, your outlook will change, you’ll feel more enriched and happier.

However, in order to establish this mental shift in yourself, you have to devote considerable time and effort to activities that bring value, meaning and satisfaction to your life.

Which brings us to point number 2.

2) Engage in meaningful activities

Time is a commodity. Spend it selectively and spend it well. Artists know to spend their time creating, shaping, building and polishing. Constantly working, re-working and refining.

Similarly, if you seek to become a true “artist of life” (a phrase well used by Bruce Lee), the requirement is that you focus and devote the majority of your time, effort and attention to activities that help shape and create the reality (life) you want.

Apply this unanimously across the different avenues of your life and you’ll reap the vast benefits.

Want to create your best possible physique?

Select a suitable program, then get your ass into the weight room and use the tools available (barbells, dumbbells and machines) to build and sculpt your muscles and boost your strength while using diet to polish and carve away the excess body fat.

If you wish to enable yourself the luxury of taking vacations at your leisure, and witnessing the vast and wonderful world. Focus on creating the revenue stream for yourself, that’ll allow you to accomplish that ambition. Whether through a career, business ventures, entrepreneurship etc.

Want to improve your intelligence, acquire life knowledge and ultimately learn more about yourself on a deeper, more intimate level?

Pick up some books and put in the time reading, studying and imparting knowledge into your head.

Keep a journal, jot down your thoughts, to find patterns in your thought process and identify problem areas you need to address in order to advance your life.

Want to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from needless physical attacks and violence?

Devote the necessary attention to studying, practicing and honing in the skills and disciplines of a martial art.

Be it Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Muay thai, jiu jitsu, Hapkido, Judo etc. Whatever, just decide on one, join a class and train like hell.

Since it’s so damn important, I’ll say it again.

Create the life you envision, by investing the majority (upwards of 80%) of your time and attention into activities that will bring about the results and desired outcomes you seek. (Assuming you have more than one life aspiration).

 3) Apply yourself diligently to life

 A true artist creates and follows his/her own path. Stop looking to others to give you cues and answers. Instead, apply your entire being (mind, body, sprit and consciousness) to your life.

To be an artist of life the pivotal requirement is that you truly envelope yourself entirely in living.

Ask yourself the question: What do I want out of life?

Do yourself some justice and answer it as honestly as possible. Better yet, grab a pen and a journal and write down your life goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

Avoid becoming a bystander, a spectator in your own life. Refuse to sit idly on the sidelines, waiting endlessly for the “perfect moment”, while the world passes you by.

Get into the habit of doing the things you know you need to do, in order to create the life that you seek and see yourself worthy of.

3) Explore yourself

An artist creates from his core, his soul and the very root of his being. The most honest and powerful source of inspiration and motivation comes from within.

The solution then, is to identify what makes you tick. What sparks your soul and gets your creative juices flowing?

This is why it’s a damn necessity to keep a journal and do some honest soul searching, spending some real quality time getting to know and understand you.

Bearing in mind, and getting at the heart of the matter, you know yourself better than anyone else. (If you don’t, you’re really missing the whole beauty of living).

4) Become receptive to the world around you

It’s easy to keep to your thoughts and get stuck in your head. This is probably even more prominent in us creative folk.

And while there definitely is an element of necessity to this ability, it’s important not to neglect your environment and become so closed off and immersed in yourself, to the point that you neglect some of the beautiful moments that life throws your way. (In fact, it can be pretty damn detrimental). Don’t be that guy or girl.

Of course you want to focus on yourself the majority of the time and creating the best possible life you can, however, sometimes ideas, and creativity can spark from places you least expect. So keep your eyes peeled, ears open and senses sharp.

5) Art is subjective

It goes without saying, art is subjective and therefore, as your life is art, it is equally subjective. It’s one of a kind, and what’s good for one person isn’t necessarily for the next and vice versa.

By that measure, to compete with others and even striving to be another carbon copy flies 100% against the very nature of life itself.

Live in the manner you see fit, do what you think and feel is right and screw the critics.

Not every masterpiece is viewed as such. To one person it represents beauty, whilst to another it might arouse absolutely nothing.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To that effect, you are the beholder of your life.

Ultimately, all that truly maters is that you’re contented with the life you create. That’s the bottom line.

Final thoughts

In closing let me say this:

Don’t take anything anyone says to you, whether tips and advice or criticism as 100% fact.

Why? Because seldom do they know the real you and your inner workings.

Heck, don’t even take what I say as gospel. If it resonates, fantastic. That’s fine and dandy.

Always keep this one thing in mind.

“Life is a journey of self discovery and mastery.”

Live with conviction and create your life, like an artist.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found the info presented useful, you’ll likely appreciate the value in my upcoming book “Conquering Chaos: A guide to creating you’re idyllic life”



The world is my battleground, this day is now sound.

Swords clang, shields bang.

The winds blow, screams flow.

Fire rages, the battle engages.

The iron will, a test of skill.

The enemy falls. Their onslaught stalls.

The world is my battleground, this day is now sound.

Notes: What this poem refers to, is the way in which I personally view life. To me, each day is a battle. A test of will and a means of evaluating and working towards that higher self that I aim to be.

The bottom line:

Whatever you’re going through in your life, PERSIST, PERSEVERE and OVERCOME. That’s the warrior way. That’s the way of THE UNCAGED ANIMAL.



Construct your life.

Construct your life.

It seems in today’s society, more so than ever, people have lost touch with the real, core fundemental aspect of life. The video below elaborates on this.



what sparks your soul?

During the Christmas period, I was fortunate enough to adventure and journey through southern Spain. It was during this time I found myself questioning the journey, the path I was on. This way of the warrior, the traveller, the adventurer.

It’s in adventure we gain a new perspective on our lives,  learn new things about ourselves and the world around us. Travel opens our outlook on the world and helps us to get a deeper sense of our position within the world.

In my case adventure time is reflective time. It’s a time to try and experience new things, sure. It’s also a time to look at where you are right now in your journey (life) and evaluate how far you’ve come and where you’re headed.

Whether you’re traveling to foreign lands, or commuting to the office, there’s plenty of opportunities to grow and improve at hand. All you have to do is reach out and take them.

Maybe you’ve strayed off the beaten track, no worries. Now’s your chance to get the hell back on that damn path and press on with your mission. Everyday, week, month, year is a new opportunity for development and growth. Cease that sucker with both hands and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.