Battle ready.

Battle ready.

Bole So Nihal“. (Shout of victory)

Are you ready? 

Ready for battle?

Yesteryear, the battle-ground was for the warriors. Today however, there’s one place that’s home to the modern warrior. The name echoes everywhere. Many know it and know it well.

THE GYM. (That’s what I’m talking about).

Warriors?… You say.


I’m not talking about your average gym rat. Hell no. I’m talking about a rare breed. A breed that doesn’t ass around. Doesn’t buckle under strain. Finds comfort in discomfort. A conviction, average gym rats just don’t have.

 Listen up gents, ladies too, and listen well…

Where warriors used to train for hours on end with brandished swords, stifling shields and sharpened spears, the warriors of today train with weights. The commonality is. “Passion for iron”.

Where previously, warriors faced hordes of attacking enemy, the modern warrior faces heavy-ass dumbbells and barbells. Gleaming with the sweat of those who came before, as if to send a message. A message, “We’re from hell, we’ll push you to your limit and leave you broken in half ”.

Approach every training session like a battle. Go in with a plan and relentless, unyielding dedication. Destroy those weights in those 45mins, 1hr, or however long you “workout”.

You’ve got to go in with the intent of completely annihilating the opposition. (In this case the weights).

Get Ready for battle

The battle-ground

The battle-ground

Here are the strategies I use my self to get battle ready. (Time to hit it).


Plan, plan, plan!! If you look back in history, you’d find that the successful warriors had a battle plan. They knew what they had to do and planned for it. Knowing alone isn’t good enough. You’ve got to implement it too. You can’t go in blind and expect a good result. Go in without a plan and be prepared to fail.

No good saying, “I know I have to train legs today, but don’t know how I’m going to go about it.” Have a plan. Period.


Get your head in gear. Get your butt ready. Envision what you’re about to do and achieve. Sit down before you even pick up a weight. Think and focus on the task at hand. Take 5 minutes and mentally tune and prepare yourself. (It’ll do you a world of good).


Whenever I train I want to avoid all distraction. Don’t like anyone bugging me. Half the time the music played at gyms is irritatating and doesn’t help in the concentration department. To avoid all of that, I simply pop on my headset and go to work. Don’t just listen to any old garbage. Put on something that’ll get you in the zone and ready to work.


This one’s a joke by the way. But seriously, every warrior has a battle cry. Discover yours and leverage it in a way that motivates you to throw those weights around like ragdolls. (I don’t actually recommend going around screaming in your gym at the top of your lungs. It’s your call though).


Above all, have a great workout. When you’re done, be proud of yourself. Don’t get comfortable though. You’re going to go through hell all over again the next time you face the enemy. (weights).

How about telling me about your strategies and plans. Drop a comment below. I don’t bite.

Happy training.


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  1. It’s been two weeks since I don’t use internet for some important matters but damn I really miss this site. Anyway what a perfect timing brother because right now I’m thinking for changing my training, you know its feels like my training is not that hard enough and i feel comfortable for doing it. I want to step up to another level for training my self to see the maximum results and this article will going to help me a lot (again) to obtain my fitness goal.

    So my training plan will be much harder but doing it in a shorter time. I will going to bend my iron bar for adding more weights and much strict on my diet. I guess it’s about time to use my running shoes and start to hit the road to help me to lose those stubborn fat I know this will be hard but I don’t really care because I want to do it in a harder way, and a new music for my list any suggestion?

    Thanks for this awesome article brother keep up the good work and more power to your site! BTW I’m starting to see results on my abs (especially on the upper part) after following your tips in your recent article! I think I need to be more consistent and have long patience to have an abs like yours!

    • Damn glad to hear you found this article helpful brother. Even happier to hear you’re on the way to getting those suckers to pop. They’ll come bit by bit, the trophy and result of your devotion and commitment.

      As for training music it’s really what gets you pumped and amped up. I’ve recently started listening to tracks from “Two Steps From Hell”. Some of their tracks really prime me for some focused and productive training. “Sons of War” “Immortal” real warrior style music.

      I never listen to any of that Rock, RnB and Punk garbage while training. It just doesn’t help me hit my training hard. I’ll probably create a section on training tunes since I’m getting a lot questions on what music I train to. As always happy training.

      Keep up the awesome work, you’ll no doubt have an eye popping set of abs.

  2. These past few months I decided to changed all my music playlist for my training I am now into jazz-music from legendary jazz musicians like John Coltrane, Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, etc.. sounds weird but it really helps me a lot to find my inner strength to sculpt my body feels like I’m creating a piece of art for what I am doing everytime I listen into jazz music or maybe I changed a lot that’s why crappy music don’t deserve my playlist anymore.

    BTW your music suggestion sounds good to me can’t wait to put that in my playlist. Again Thank you brother!

    • It’s all about what works for you. If Jazz is your thing that’s fantastic. Stick to what amps you up and gets you ready to bring your best. I’ve listened to John Coltrane and Louis Armstrong. Both legends. Love “What a wonderful world” and “Summertime”. The kind of music I like to wind down with.

      Definitely try out “Two Steps From Hell”. They have some amazing tracks that really get me in warrior mode. Ready to tear it up and unleash all hell and fury in the gym.

      I’m going to put up a section on training music that’ll continually be added to and built upon.

  3. What a comeback!! Tiger mania’s over. The little one must be well settled by now.

    You’ve really hit a home run with this new article and Franco’s input is always entertaining. Great conversationalist.

    I’m pounding the iron hard and heavy in the battle field which is my home gym and not the fitness centers. You might think that It’s lonely, but heck when the music’s pumping I feel I’ve got an entire army around me.

    The music’s as loud as I want and no one to bug me. I’m in my own zone. Eagerly awaiting the next one.

    • Yep it’s over for now.

      On the flip side, fantastic to hear you liked the article. The points you’ve made about home training are definitely valid. I love training at home as well. No distractions, just you, your will and the weights.

      Keep hitting that iron. You’ve got the drive and dedication of a warrior.

  4. Grrr Lonewolf’s back from the wilderness. Excellent article. I too am ready for battle. Ready to take my training up a notch. I’ve got my battle cry, “Howling in the wind” and my music loud. Lonewolf’s ready for action.

    • I thought you’d joined a pack, but glad to hear your howl brother.
      Even happier you’re prepared for battle. Your input is always welcome. Keep moving forward.

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