Can you be perfect?

Is perfection actually attainable?

The short answer is yes.

See, perfection is completely attainable, but not in the context that many view it. The common concept of perfection goes something along the lines of…

Perfection is a state of completeness and flawlessness.” (That’s the Wikipedia definition of it).

Now looking at that you’re probably thinking. “Screw this, there’s no way I or any other person on this green earth could reach that.” You know what? You’re probably right.

Therefore, the problem doesn’t lie in the question of whether perfection is attainable or not, but rather in the definition of the word.

If you go by the conventional definition, you’ll straight away realise it just isn’t going to happen. You figure, no one is without flaws, so there goes that theory.

So much for perfection, right?


I used to think perfection was just a myth. A fallacy. Something that only existed in fairytales.

But one fine day, I realised that there was a way to “be perfect” and that anyone could do it.

Being perfect, in my opinion is actually the opposite of that above definition.

Being perfect has everything to do with you, your relationship with yourself, family, friends and environment.

Confused. Not to worry. All will be explained.

Perfection, at least my understanding and definition of it is this:

Perfection is the ability to understand, acknowledge and accept that you have flaws.

To accept you have weaknesses and fears, but regardless you give life your all. You give it your best shot. You work with what you have. You embrace your demons.

It’s your ability to stick by those you love, look them in the eye and say to them you did everything you humanly could for them, and there wasn’t another damn thing you could do.

If you can do that ladies and gentleman, in my eyes you’re perfect.

We all have fears, flaws and weaknesses. But too few are willing to admit to them. Those people are cowards.

Only a coward hides and cowers over their fears. They run away from their problems and are willing to take no responsibility for them.

An individual like that can never be perfect because they are unwilling and unable to accept their faults and just can’t push forward in spite of them.

An individual that’s perfect on the otherhand will rise to the challenge. They’ll face their fears full on, and emerge victorious on the other side.

That’s my take on a topic of high magnitude.

Note: I don’t claim I am right or my way is the best or only way. I’m simply sharing my honest opinions and thoughts. Like you, I battle through the grind daily.  


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  1. I agree with you totally. I understand where you are coming from. However, I think that only the creator is perfect in all areas.

    The creator is the only one that can judge the true perfection of the creations.

    Having said that, perfection means different things to different people and what’s beautiful for one might not be for another.

    • Great, valid point. Only god is really perfect in every sense.

      You’re right, it does ultimatley come down to peoples interpretations.

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