As the OFFICIAL LAUNCH DAY for WARRIOR 101 looms closer, I want to share some more insider details.

Without further delay….. 

“……….Many in the fitness world assume it impossible to create a visually appealing physique that is strong, functional and athletic, believing instead that you must either train for looks, strength or athleticism separately. Concentrating on one while sacrificing the others, in my opinion, is flawed thinking…………..” 

“The big three exercises that receive so much attention are: The Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift….. these moves are basic and great……….However,  if you want to achieve a sculpted, proportionate warrior physique, you need more than just 3 moves.………..”

“……. The right proportion of muscle added strategically in the right places will enhance the visual, aesthetic look………”

Hand drawn illustrations.

Hand drawn illustration of the pecs and front torso

 “……Every man wants a thick and defined set of pectorals along the lines of the ancient Greek gods. To create a warrior physique, a large overdeveloped set of pectorals are not required. Having an overpowering chest that appears as though a man has boobs under his shirt is not the look we are after, no matter whether it is muscle or fat, it is unflattering for the development of a warrior physique……”









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  1. With your wealth of knowledge and style of writing, WARRIOR 101 is going to be the best, informative read ever. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Bring on launch day!!!

  2. Lonewolf’s mouth is watering for the launch of WARRIOR 101. I’m ready and waiting to pounce on this product the day it is released. From the visual images that I can see, I think this training bible will be excellent. I agree with brother Inar. Grrrrrrr……

  3. I can feel my two brothers here, they are really hungry for the WARRIOR 101 just like me! I can assure this book will be the perfect read for the modern day Warrior!

    • Brother, nearly there now. The finishing line’s in sight. You won’t need to wait around much longer. That WARRIOR drive and spirit you’ve got’s incredible.

  4. Fantastic content great looking website, look forward to more updates, keep it up.

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