Break down the walls stopping you from achieving

Catapult yourself………. to achievement.

“ We’re all achievers in life. Some of us achieve nothing, others achieve something.” (G.K)

Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Lee. The list could go on. What do all these individuals have in common?

All of them are achievers. They achieved and accomplished something in their lives that defied the constraints of the masses. You may not like them, or the methods they used to get to where they wanted to go, but you can’t deny the fact that they all achieved their dreams.

In my book this is what an achiever stands for:

A …………………… Act                                  

C ……………………  Challenge                            

H …………………..  Honest                                                                     

I ……………………. Inspire

E …………………… Environment

V …………………… Vanquish

E …………………… Earn

R …………………… Reap



Achievers act on their ambitions and goals. Pursue them with relentless drive and dedication. (If you aren’t doing that, what are you waiting for?). Achievers don’t just talk about their goals, they follow through and chase them.

Make a move towards your goal, don’t just sit and wait for “the right moment” because it never comes. If you have an aspiration, act on it now, not later. Period!


Achievers don’t fear the challenge. They challenge the fear. There’s no one on the face of this planet that doesn’t fear something. Whether it’s physical or mental. However, what separates  achievers from the rest of the herd is the fact that they confront their fears. (You could say, pretty much, that makes them fearless). The rest hide away, hoping like hell the problem will magically solve itself.

The bottom line is, if you want to be an achiever you’ve got to be willing to face your fear. Stare it straight in the eye and say, “To hell with you, I own you.” Not the other way around.


Achievers are honest enough to admit to their fears and weaknesses, but that doesn’t stop them from reaching their goal and climbing the succsess ladder. You’ve got to be honest enough to admit you’ve got fears. Admitting is the first step to overcoming. And it’s always those first steps which are kick in the teeth.

If you can do that, you’re already on the path to toppling your obstacle. If you can see your faults and weaknesses, you can actively take action and work on not simply improving but outright obliterating them.


Achievers, as a result of their own success and achievement can directly and/or indirectly inspire others. We all look up to individuals that achieved their dreams. They showed the world what they were truly made of. The drive they displayed inspires others into realising their own aspirations, no matter how insane they may sound to some people.


Achievers create and immerse themselves in the right environment, intuitive to their goals. There’s an old saying that goes something like this. “Choose your friends carefully, they say more about you than you realise.”

Your friends and the people you surround yourself with tell a whole story about you without the need for any words. They also have an impact on you directly.

Ever wanted to get something productive done and a “friend” said, “Why are you doing that? Why not sit on your butt and watch the game on TV tonight? Leave that stuff for later.” Or “lets go and booze our brains out.” What they’re really saying is, “forget doing something productive, let’s just screw around.”

Achievers forgo all that garbage, lose the useless friends that are a constant annoyance and distraction. (That doesn’t mean all friends).

The point is, if you want to be an achiever, surround yourself with like-minded people, if you want to be like filth then… (I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what to do).


Achievers don’t merely achieve their goals.  They completely crush them. They vanquish any obstacle in their path that stands between them and their accomplishment. Achievers have tunnel vision when it comes to their goals. Nothing will stop them from achieving success.

You have to develop that type of mindset where only your goal matters. You’ve got to commit to it 100% to really crush it. Anything less is just a half- assed attempt. Sure, you might still achieve it, but there’s no satisfaction.


Achievers earn their worth. They go out and get what they want. It’s not handed down to them on a silver platter. If you want to achieve something, go out and get it, don’t expect it to be given to you. Nothing ever just falls into your lap.

You’ve got to go out and earn it. Once you earn something you’ll value it more, because you’ve gone through all the effort to get it. Parents usually tell their children, “You’ll only appreciate something when you earn it.” And that’s so damn true.


Achievers reap the rewards of their drive, effort and relentless pursuit of their goal. The single greatest reward is of course, the realisation and achievement of their dream. There’s no feeling in the world like seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel and to see all that effort was worth it and finally paid off.

For me that pretty much sums up an achiever.

Ready to become an achiever?

I sure as hell am, how about you? 



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  1. Finally I feel like I’m home again for reading your new stuff here. What a great word from you as always Brother, I can relate to all those words. Being an achiever is not that easy you will walk in hell back-and-forth so many times, you will face your own demon and you need to fight it before you free yourself from your own demon and of-course your fear. I learn that fear is only on our mind and if you let fear conquer your mind your whole system will be infected and the result you become a looser. So I’m not letting my fears to chose my own destiny anymore.

    Thank you for your wonderful post. BTW I choose this as article one of your great post.

    • Pleasure as always brother. Damn straight. It’s not easy to be an achiever, but hey if everything in life was that easy, it would be pointless trying. At the end of the day we all have the potential to become achievers, but too few act on and pursue it.

      A lot of people are plain lazy and hate doing anything out of the norm, they don’t like feeling a little discomfort. Some people will say they can’t do it. That’s because they’ve never really tried. Some times you’ve just got to suck it up and push through.

  2. Being an ACHIEVER you need to have a balls am i right brother? and also REFUSE to quit and you will win. =)

    • Absolutely brother, you’re damn right. You need guts and the will to never quit and take no for an answer. To those people that say “I can’t do that.” It’s like that quote from pumping iron. “You can kick a dog and it’ll either do one of two things. Either it’ll roll over and die, or it’ll bite you back.” To be an achiever you need to bite back. Period.

  3. Every article keeps getting better and better. That’s also an achievement in itself, I suppose. But the sky’s the limit, keep rising. As Franco has also mentioned, it is difficult to become an achiever. But I feel that if you become a better human being and leave a good legacy behind, that would be in some way a good achievement for the majority.

    Hard work, dedication and belief in oneself is a way to achieving. Good fortune and a bit of luck along the way also helps.

  4. Good point brother. Great to hear from you again. I know that different people will have a different take on the word achiever. At the end of the day, everybody has a different goal/dream. Some people will consider it an achievement to have a great family life. I don’t knock them. In fact more power to them. Some people measure their achievement by how much money they have. That’s fine as well.

    The point I’m making is that everybody has a different view on what being an achiever is. There are no black and white rules that define an achiever. It’s all about the perception and what people perceive and value as their achievement in life.

  5. Found a pretty funny saying. “Success is relative, the more success, the more relatives.” Go figure.

  6. Right you are brother. Relatives come out of the woodwork when you’re successful. Otherwise you never hear from them.

  7. Ain’t that the truth. That saying sums that up pretty nicely. Just the way it is I guess. When you’ve got fame, fortune or both everyone loves you. When you’ve got nothing, people just pass you on by.

    • I can relate on that brother, and actually I can smell that in my house every Sunday morning. those people who forget you first during your bad times are the people also the first during your success what an ironic piece of shit they are . Anyway I don’t give my middle finger to them because they don’t deserve my time unfortunately they are the family of my significant others sigh. but it’s ok at least I keep on succeeding because of my-self not from them. So forget all the naysayers keep going and pushing for what you are doing, someday they will realize and eat their negative words if they see you succeeding for what you are doing.

      • I know plenty of them as well brother. Like you, I don’t entertain them. To me they’re just time wasters, they’re only there for the ride. They don’t genuinely give a damn about you. It’s a one way system with them. How much can I take from this guy? sort of a thing. Then when he’s got nothing I’ll go off and find some other schmuck and repeat the cycle.

        The world’s full of losers like that. Like you said, they aren’t even worth showing the middle finger. They’re just outright jealous. They can’t go out and achieve themselves, so they butt lick other achievers. Just got to ignore them and keep climbing the success ladder one step at a time.

        • ” Weak people revenge, Strong people forgive, Intelligent people ignore”. This quotes serve as my wallpaper to remind me what kind of person I am now. Life is too short to harbor hatred that’s why I avoid negativity in my system, instead I turn them as my recipe for my success.

          I am looking further for your new content brother, more power and great success in this site and to your kick-ass life!!!

          • Great quotes, and a great way to live brother. I don’t dwell on the negative. It actually takes more guts to forgive. That’s one of the hardest things to do in life. You’re correct, only strong people can do it. Weak people will cuss and moan all they want, precisely because they’re weak and incapable.

            You’ll go far with your endeavours, because of the winning mindset you have, the mindset of an achiever. Keep it up. Never let anyone tell you any different.

            Keep kicking serious BUTT!!

  8. I agree with this article 100% and with what brothers Inar and Franco have said. I was part of a pack that are exactly the way described in their comments above. That’s the very reason I became a lone wolf. I don’t rely on anybody. Everyone has to achieve for themselves. Brilliant article. I especially like the way the word achiever has been broken down. It really illustrates the points being made. Looking forward to the next article. Lonewolf out.

  9. Awesome to hear from you brother. Yeah there’re hordes of losers like that in existence. Who knows they were probably even around when humanity first appeared on this Earth. Fact is as long as humanity’s around, you can be damned sure people like that are going to be around.

    The best form of action you can take is to distance yourself from losers like that, which is exactly what you’ve done and good on you. Why should you put up with garbage like that? There’s no need. Just ignore and move away. Great stuff.

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