Tasty stuff

Tasty stuff.

The abs are made in the kitchen”, as the saying goes.

Time to get down to everyone’s favourite subject without sounding like a cookbook (being sarcastic!). Now if you want to get awesome abs, doing the exercises is all fine and dandy, but until you lose the lard, no amount of exercise is going to get the suckers to pop. You have to diet and eat properly. No getting around it!!

There are numerous diet plans and eating regimes out there for fat loss. But you demand effectiveness. Only the best will do. After all why waste time and effort doing something that isn’t giving you satisfactory results. (Chill. Everyone’s gone through it).

The two simple and effective methods that’ll get you shedding the lard and getting the awesome abs you deserve at a jaw dropping rate are:

  • Carb cycling
  • Intermittent fasting

Carb cycling

Sounds complicated? Huh, nonsense! It’s just alternating days of low and high carbs. (Not as complicated as it sounds, told you).

There are probably hundreds of ways to utilize this strategy, but the one that I’ve found the quickest for shedding the dough is, three days low carb, one day high carbs.  What the rest of the fitness community calls “carb re-feeds”. Call it what you will, the point is start implementing it and watch that lard turn hard.

You’re probably wondering well wise guy, what the hell do I eat on those low carb days?

Well maestro, I thought you’d never ask. Fuel up on protein, fats and greens (veg). Avoid starchy carbs like the plague on those low carb days.

As for the higher carb days, choice is yours. Eat what you want. You have the day to eat some starchy carbs. Don’t waste it. After all  it comes only once every three days.

Now some of you reading this will probably say, “I couldn’t do that, it sounds so hard.”

Save your groaning for someone that actually cares. I’ve personally used both these methods and the result speaks for itself.  Don’t tell me it can not be done.

For those moaners I’ve got a question. Do you really want to lose that fat and get awesome abs?

If you do, you’ve got to be prepared to work a little. You have to get a bit sweaty and put your guts into it. Many of you reading this series, have come this far and proved without a shadow of a doubt you’ve got the courage of tiger and are prepared to realise your goal.

Time for method two!! 

Intermittent fasting

I’ve covered this a little in previous article (A GUIDE TO DEVELOPING AN IRON WILL) but let’s recap. Eating all day to lose weight becomes a chore. I’m not saying you can’t lose fat doing it, but why make something so simple so complicated. In nature the prey graze and eat periodically while the hunters eat sporadically.

Simply eat 2-3 larger, more satisfying meals instead of 6-8 tiny ones.

Do you really want to live in your kitchen?

There are two methods of fasting I’ve used.

  • Leangains (Daily 16hrs fast with 8hrs eating window)
  • Eat Stop Eat (24hrs fast)

Personally, I’m currently using the leangains method.

Now if you’ve never used any of the above methods before, you can try them out as a singular method, alternatively you can use the very same method I outline below.

(Drum rolls).

All you have to do is combine the two above methods mentioned earlier.(Carb cycling with intermittent fasting).  It’s straightforward and  works well. Don’t mess around with it, keep it smooth, just stick with the steps I’ve given.

Tip: It’s probably easier to implement with the Leangains method than Eat Stop Eat.

To summarise, eat 2-3 larger meals in an 8hr eating window. Fast 16hrs a day, and eat low carb for three days, with one high carb day. That’s it. No screwing around.

Note: This isn’t a diet to follow forever. You can do the intermittent fasting as long as you want but just use low carbs until you’re as lean and mean as you want. Then go back to a diet you like. (Keep it healthy though).

There you have it folks. This 3 part series comes to a close.


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  1. Hard work getting off that lard, it sure is. With your awesome advice though, I’m sure it’ll go. What’s in store next?

    • Way to tackle it. You’ve got the right attitude chum. Keep up that mentality and you’ll see the results. As for what’s coming next in line? We’ll just have to wait and see what kill the Tiger brings home from the hunt.

  2. It’s worth the wait brother excellent article as always. This is what I’m doing carb-cycling and Intermittent fasting and it’s pretty works well for me. I still remember how big my lard is because I love to eat hamburger and other junk-food and not doing strenuous exercise for so many years and the results 52 inch waistline. But not anymore, although I don’t have six packs right now but I can feel that my upper stomach is starting to get flat and my love handles is starting to get slim and so on. Actually, I just realize that there are no secret if you want to be fit, it’s all about eating right and stop eating shit and garbage from fast-food chain. After 1 year of not eating shit and doing some strenuous exercise my waistline is now proudly 34 inch and although I feel happy about that but still I’m not contented I want to have a six packs too, that’s why I swear to my self that I will keep eating healthy and doing my training for the rest of my life.

    So for me is all about PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE push your self to the limit and stop eating shit! So brother you’re always right “The abs are made in the kitchen”.

    Lastly about Intermittent Fasting that stuff will help you to develop a lot of things not also for your body but also on your mind it will clear your vision and perception about to a lot of things when it comes to thinking. Now I can tolerate my self without eating for 48 hours and it’s really help me a lot especially when it comes to losing my stubborn fat.

    Again Thank You and keep up the good work brother!!!!

    • Quality comment as always. What more is there to say brother. You deserve a medal for the effort, results and attitude you’ve displayed. You clearly have the eye and courage of a tiger. Going from a 52- 34 inch waist is no small feat. From 280-180lbs. That’s a damn obstacle, and you’ve crushed it. You’re the type of person that’s got guts, heart and the rage of an animal. Good on you!!! You’ll definitely get those suckers to pop with the intensity you’re putting in. That’s for damn certain.
      Keep it up. This is motivation for everyone out there. If you’re willing and hungry enough for it, you’ll be darn surprised with what you can accomplish. It’s a damn honour to have a reader like you!!!!

      Keep it up brother. Awesome stuff.

      • Quality comment for a quality articles from you brother. You always provide something to ignite my inner desire to un-cage my animal within and rule my humanity for a better me! I can say that my life is not perfect right now but it’s far more better than yesterday that I used to be.

        • Brother, you are inspired and that same glow will emit from you to everything around you. I’m truly delighted that you find my work inspiring. In fact, I think you’re an inspiration to others out there. Even me. That’s correct. Even I am inspired by you. So I thank you brother for that.

          Whatever obstacles you’re facing in your life, attack them with the same drive and motivation. You’ll crush them.

  3. Wow that is the first time that I’ve read something good about myself haha. Brother, to be honest with you every words from you feels like there’s a subliminal message towards for a better tomorrow. I don’t know but your words have power, they are smooth and not mocking me that way feels like something from a good person and just upbringing the truth, that’s why I believe in you no B.S agenda just pure motivation. Anyway, keep-up-the-good-work you’re one of a kind motivator in this tough world. I wish i could meet you in person someday. Thank You can’t wait again for the new article or for another enlightenment haha!

    I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. (I forget the author, but this is perfectly quote for you)

    • Brother I’m touched. I don’t think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it now. In all honesty I want my readers to better themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.There’s too much corruption, greed and bull in the world already and we don’t need anymore fake as hell promises and lies.

      Maybe one day, who knows our paths might cross. I look forward to it. That’s an amazing quote you’ve mentioned by Maya Angelou.
      I’ll leave you with one of my personal favourites.
      “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” Golda Meir

      KEEP PUSHING. DON’T STOP. Crush your goals and leave the dust in your wake.

  4. Brilliant articles as always. I am 100 % in agreement with brother Franco and I have a great admiration for brother Franco for his sincereity and honesty. You will touch all those around you. I too am working on trying to get that lard shifted and achieve the six pack which we all would like to have. At the moment I only have one pack but following your methods I’m sure I’ll shift that lard and achive the six pack which I am aiming for. Believe me the road is not an easy one and yes it truely begins in the kitchen..

    • The wolf finally emerges from the wilderness. Always good to hear from you brother. I’m damned certain Franco will appreciate the heads up. He damn well deserves credit for what he’s achieved to date.

      Keep it simple, stick to the info I’ve given in all 3 parts and you’re golden. Use a laser vision and you’ll get the suckers to pop. Remember “Eye of the tiger.”

      In your case make it wolf.

  5. Seems this hasn’t hit home yet!! Some new comers just don’t have the “Tigers Eye.” They need to sit down, take time to read and ponder over all the articles to date.

    Especially the article entitled: PONDER THIS: ORIGINALITY !!!

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