Want awesome abs?

The curtains up. Take a look.

The curtains up. Take a peak.

You know you do!

Good old abs. The tight core. The ol’ “six pack”. Whatever you call them, everybody wants them. The ladies swoon over those rippling, hard cut muscles. Problem is, there are too many senseless overcomplicated myths and concepts. Weaving through all the lies is a workout in itself.

Relax, let’s cut through all the garbage and get you on the way to sporting a set of your own. (If you don’t already).

No other muscle, (other than biceps) probably gets as much attention as the abs. So developing them should be a priority. Big arms, chest and back along with a spare tyre just isn’t going to make the cut.

In the first part of this series we’ll cover the misconceptions and set the record straight.

“Hell yeah! It’s myth busting time.”


This one’s got me stumped, the fact that it’s still around. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t have the time to hit abs from 50 different angles every single day. Nor do I care to. Fact is if you haven’t lost the lard, no amount of ab work is going get those suckers popping. I hardly train my abs nowadays and they’re just as hard and cut as when I used to work them. (I do recommend a few moves to sharpen them up, but nothing terribly time consuming). No need to do 1000 sit-ups, crunches or whatever else daily. (If you’re doing that you seriously need some hobbies).


Get it in gear. The abs are one muscle. (The Rectus Abdominis). There is no upper abdominal muscle and lower abdominal muscle. They aren’t two separate muscles. It’s just one muscle!! If you add in the obliques, lower back and hip adductors it becomes more than one muscle. (The core).

When you perform a crunch for example, you’re targeting the upper region of the abdominal muscle, but your lower ab region is also getting worked albeit to a much lesser extent.


Personally, I don’t do cardio, because I don’t like it. In all honesty, I’ve never really done it. Guess what? Eureka, I still sport a set of awesome abs.  Cardio is not the only or most practical method of fat loss. It’s more time consuming than it’s worth. You could actually spend that time doing something more valuable. (I’ll leave that for you to decide).

I see many people slogging away on treadmills, exercise bikes and contraptions that I can’t even name. Yet, they still look terrible. What they fail to understand is that all they’re really doing is working their cardiac system. (Not a bad goal). Sure they’ll burn a few calories here and there, but what good is burning off the amount of calories you’d find in a chocolate bar. (If you want to do it, knock yourself out).


Eating 6-8 small meals daily, will lead to insanity. (Or close to it). You might as well live in your kitchen. Life is for living and I assume you have other things to do with your time than eat, cook and clean.  Eating all day will leave you feeling sluggish and hating yourself.

That said, you need to make sure you’re eating less calories than you burn every day, and there’s an easier way to do it than constantly slaving away in the kitchen.


Read this carefully. There’s no secret diet pill, exercise or routine that’ll get you a solid set of abs. All these things are completely bogus, the fake fat burners and “Program X.” The people that sell these products just want your money and they’re laughing at you. (Laughing all the way to the bank).


There’s no special starvation/borderline anorexic diet that will make you look ripped, lean and mean. You’ll probably just get damn sick and skinny.(Not a good look). Forget the “lettuce all day diet”. None of that stuff will work. Sure you’ll lose some weight, but not what you think. (i.e. more muscle than fat loss).

There are probably hordes of myths out there. However, to keep this simple and straight to the point we’ve covered the main five.

Now you’re probably wondering…. hey smart guy what do I do to get awesome abs then?

That’s where part 2 of this series comes in. In part 2 we’ll talk about exercises for sharpening those abs. Don’t miss it. Subscribe now for free.(If you haven’t already).


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  1. Another great article from you brother for debunking the truth about having the eye popping six packs. To be honest with you I don’t have six packs but I believe I’m on my way though cause I don’t do bullshit on my training day. Just like you I really hate doing cardio especially on treadmill, instead of running I will squat and doing some deadlift.Also, I do intermittent fasting at least 2x per weeks, and i don’t do cheat meals, for doing that I can see myself having a six packs soon.

    • Excellent. Love to hear it brother. Keep up the good work. You sound like you’re on your way to getting awesome abs. Those squats and deadlifts are great for hardening and jacking up the ol’ mid section.

      • How about the loose skin? do you have any advise on how to get rid of those stubborn fat? Your answer will be more appreciated brother.

        • In all honesty brother, I’m not really an expert on loose skin as I never had an issue with it. However, from my experience with others in a similar position, generally loose skin will disappear in time. It takes a little while longer than simply losing fat, because skin covers your whole body, it’s stretched over you. It will take time to shrink around the size of your muscles and new body size. However usually after a few weeks (6-8 weeks generally). It should shrink down.

          As for the stubborn fat, that’ll go as you continue to lean out. Unfortunately for us men, the abs is the last place for the fat to leave, just like the ladies suffer with flabby triceps and butts. it’ll go eventually. I’ll have an article out on that soon.

          Hope it helps.

          • Actually it’s a big help for me brother you’re always great by answering all my questions here and Thank You So Much for that! You keep inspiring me to become a better person and not go back to my old habits. Again, Thank You so much can’t wait for the Part 2 I will stay sharp here.

  2. Amazing article. Awesome abs. “Whosever they are”. I don’t quite have them that rippled yet, however, following your advice, I sure will. Keep the articles rolling.

  3. Lone Wolf Lone Wolf says:

    Howl. What an article!! It’s great that you’ve actually highlighted the fads that don’t appear to work. Looking forward to reading more abdominal truths in part 2.

  4. Fantastic article guys!! Really informative and straight to the point. Eagerly awaiting part 2!!

  5. Franco, brother. You are an inspiration in your own right. You’ve inspired me. You inspire this site and me to continue pumping out articles. THANK YOU for that. Respect and hats off to you brother.

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