Made of iron. With a will of iron.

Made of iron. With a will of iron.

“In the absence of will, man is left hollow and empty.” (G.K)

“People do not lack strength; they lack will.” (Victor Hugo)

There’s one thing I notice with people in modern society. If you haven’t guessed it from the title of this article, it’s the sheer lack of will power and inner strength. It’s all been replaced with weakness, mediocrity and uncertainty. If this sums you up, don’t sweat it. All is not lost. You can change. Of course, the average person lacks the will to do this and that’s why they’re average.

But if you’re reading this, it means you’re not happy with average and only the best will do. After all, no trophies for second place and second place is first loser. Be the best you can be, take first place and uncage the animal within.

Here are a few pointers you can implement today that’ll get you en route to developing a will of iron. (If you haven’t already).

1)   Lift weights

Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There’s nothing like pumping some iron. Nothing tests your will power like lifting. It’s just you against the weights.  Pushing hard for those last few reps, going through the agony and emerging victorious. The gym is the battleground for the modern warrior. The feeling of succeeding is one of the best you can experience. Do that day in day out and you’ll understand why you’ve developed an iron will.

Of course, it helps that there are many other benefits to lifting weights, namely sculpting your body and getting strong.

2)   Take cold showers

Forget those steaming hot showers. Those are for wimps. A warrior showers one way only. Cold. What more is there to say about them other than to get out there and start taking them regardless come rain or shine.  Try it today. The feeling after taking one is incredible. (If you take them regularly like I do, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about).

In fact, go and have one right now after reading this. It takes sheer will power to get under a shower with cold water flowing through. After a few seconds many people give in and turn that dial the opposite direction. Not you though. If you want a will of iron, you’ll endure that cold water no matter what. Why? Because you’re a ferrell animal.

Would it help if I told you that you’ll get some nice bonuses like, better immunity (don’t want to catch that nasty cold now), increased resistance to the cold, better looking skin etc. (Deserves it’s own article). The point is, the positives outweigh the negatives i.e. all the above mentioned benefits vs a few moments under a cold as hell shower.

3)   Intermittent fasting

The average person lacks the will to refrain from  munching (like cows). They’re continously stuffing themselves. Eating constantly to lose weight is a nightmare. You’re practically chained to your kitchen. In nature the hunters eat sporadically. Grazing is left to the prey.

In simplicity, eat fewer meals throughout the day. At first it will be hard going against your body’s rhythm. That’s where the will power comes in. Believe me, I do it every day so I know. Eventually you’ll get to the point where it becomes second nature, just like breathing. Effortless!

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of it all. There are plenty of other resources out there for you to find the info. Simply find one that you like and get going. If it’s any consolation, the two methods personally used by yours truly are:

Eat Stop Eat (24 hr fast)

Leangains (16hr fast 8hr eating)

Some of the known benefits of intermittent fasting include; easier method of fatloss, decrease in time spent cooking and dishwashing etc.

4)  Learn a Martial Art

(This is one I myself need to get back to).

Learn and practice a martial art. Before you ask, it doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s one you feel comfortable with and can stick with. After all, what’s the point of starting something if you just quit for no other reason than “I didn’t like it.”

Martial arts will instill discipline within you and that will have a direct impact on developing your will power, If you can stick with it. (That requires an iron will in itself). You’ll see the results.

There are of course, other numerous advantages. The one you’re probably interested in is being able to defend your butt and kick the daylight out of any wacko that attempts to get a piece of you. (No responsibility taken for your actions)!!!

And with that it’s time to go, lift some weights and take a cold shower!!!

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.” (Douglas Macarthur) 


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  1. lone wolf lone wolf says:

    This article is great and I like the the quotes. I have taken your advice and have tried out the cold shower tip and boy its a real tester of your will power. The martial arts point is definitely a true, its excellent for discipline and for building your will power. I look forward to reading more articles. Keep them coming. Thanks for the tips,

    Lone wolf.

    • Excellent.Glad you liked it buddy. Keep doing what you’re doing. Stick with those cold showers. The fact that you’re taking them puts you above the heard. More articles on the way. Stay sharp.

      • I go for contrast showers myself.
        Funny thing is, after a few minutes of hot, then a change to cold…
        Well, the cold gets to feel REALLY good, too.

        Maybe I don’t go cold enough, I’m not sure. ;-)
        But I can stay in the COLD shower for 15 minutes as easily as the warm one…

  2. It is a bit disorienting for you to have the same theme and general ideas as boldanddetermined. Love that site. But you do add your own taste to it. Good luck.

    • Cheers buddy for stopping over. Appreciate the comment. That said, I write with my own style and point of View. More on the way. Keep the tiger’s eye peeled for them.

  3. After a week of waiting finally I read something from you brother and all I can say “it was worth waiting for”.
    I love Intermittent fasting for real, now my perception about food is eat to live not live to eat.

    Thank you for your wonderful article and sorry for my English.

    • Always great to hear from you brother. Never stop learning. Life is all about learning and achieving. Kick Butt. Take no prisoners. Achieve your ambition. Crush anything in your path.

      Keep up the amazing work. As I know you will.

      • I have a question to you brother, I am now living in a secluded area with my family because of some business matter and I want to learn martial arts but the problem is I am too far away to go in in a city to find some reliable martial art school. Would you think watching through Youtube some martial arts instruction or buying cd’s of Bus Rutten or Gracie will improve my martial art skill? and does punching a heavy bag everyday for almost a hour make you hit harder? Your answer will be more appreciate brother! more powers!!!

        • Generally speaking, you can pick up general tips and info from videos. However, It varies with specifics, depending on the type of martial art you want to learn. All I can say is try them out and experiment. In all honesty I don’t have any experience with youtube videos, because personally I never used them. If you want to develop your punching power. Working on a heavy bag is good. Are you using mitts? if you are try and get off them asap and use your bare fists on the bag. I did it and my knuckles and fists became like damn iron. Also try fist pushups, this is something I’m playing around with now. Also take from the legend. Bruce Lee. Train your forearms, if you don’t already. You’ll see your punching power increase big time. Will probably have an article out on that at some point.

          Hope it helps.

          • I don’t use mitts, I just use some hand wraps to avoid any wrist injury. I love to feel the heavy bag on my bare fist everytime I hit it hard. Although my hand looks dirty now because of some calluses and scars but I don’t give a damn cause all I know is I have the hands of a true man that lifts heavy iron and doing some punching work. I am not a big fan of Bruce Lee but I will try your suggestion later cause it sounds awesome and also the fist pushups! To be honest with you I don’t workout my forearms because it’s look already big but from now on it will be part of my routine!

            Thanks for your answer big brother – hoping for your next article!!!! Till next time!

  4. If your forearms are pretty big, jacked and strong. Don’t worry about training them. The point is strong forearms will improve the power in your punches. The fist push ups will really turn those hands into “hurting bombs.”

    • Like what Duke said in Rocky Balboa film “Let’s start building some hurting bombs”. Hell Yeah I’m turning my fist into a hurting bombs!

  5. Inspirational and practical. Look forward for more.

    • Heads up for the comment. Glad you thought so. Comments are always welcome here. More articles on the way. STAY SHARP!!

  6. My Iron Will is in development, this will allow me to really take that step forward. Thanks for this article!

  7. Glad to hear it bud. Always happy to help.

  8. Franco, you ask if watching videos will help. Anything you do will “help”. I too live in a secluded area and you must be resourceful. I climb trees and carry rocks,run,bicycle,work the heavy or light bags,…Proper technique in martial arts is important! Try some books for detail. I take index cards and randomly draw a workout card every morning. Everything from pull-ups & 400yard sprints to 1,000 punches and deadlifts & rope climb is on tap. Always repeat until mscle failure or a set time.

    • Excellent point pal. Use you’re environment and work with what you’ve got. Never let a lack of resources be a crutch or excuse not to do something. You’ve got the right mindset. A warrior attitude.

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