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Note: This post contains quotes, excerpts and ideas taken directly from my upcoming book, Conquering Chaos- How to create your idyllic life.

“Tis the season to be jolly” after all, and what better way to dust off 2015 and kick gears into overdrive for 2016 than to talk about happiness. It’s a topic I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into for a long damn time and there’s no time like the present, right?

It’s my way of giving this season.

Without further ado, let’s hop to….

Point 1: Identify the reason (The why?)

Just so we’re on the same page, we all have a common goal and basic, universal purpose. Seeking ways to improve ourselves, lead happier more fulfilling and productive lives. (Thought so).

It’s like the very fabric of our existence is directed towards pursuing happiness in one way or another.

Unfortunately, we chase symptoms not solutions. Thus, never quite hitting the nail on the head. In many cases we chase our own tails and ask the wrong questions.

What am I getting at?

My point is simple.

Instead of being overly concerned with how? Or what? Start by asking why?


Get at the core and purpose behind your undertaking of the actions, changes or outcome you’re seeking.

Flipping the script and using a little initiative goes a long way, especially if you want to put yourself in front of endless hordes of duped masses.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and believe me it’s been one heck of an important personal lesson, it’s this:

Instead of asking how do I become happy or live happier? The real question to concern yourself with is: WHY DO I WANT TO BE HAPPY?

From a simple perspective, humans, like virtually all organisms are attracted to comfort. We don’t like pain. We’re wired to make choices and decisions that will in some way bring us pleasure. (Or at least that’s the idea. Not saying it always works out).

Frankly, the vast majority of the time you’ll find that by starting with the why, the how becomes clear.

So it’s worth repeating. Identify your why? And the how? Will fall into place.

Point 2: Understand the mind and body are merely tools

The longer I’ve been practicing and striving to reach the state of meditation, the more I’ve realized that real, lasting liberation comes from freeing yourself from attachment to the mind and body. It’s only when I began to see them for what they really are, (powerful tools and instruments to be utilized to really experience life to the full), that life began working in my favour.

(The following info presented below is sourced directly from the pages of Conquering Chaos).

“Essentially, what you perceive as your “identity” is really just a self-conjured image. Your identity is a product of your environment, it’s shaped and moulded by the people, places, and events that transpire around you.”

Most people have a warped sense of themselves. (That’s a damn tragedy). They derive their identity from things like, career, wealth, status etc. The list is practically endless.”

In order to liberate yourself from the sheer magnitude of suffering, which I might add, is largely self created you have to really let the following statement sink in and hit home.

“You’re not your mind. You’re not your body. You are a being of untapped potential.”

“When you break away from identifying with the small part of yourself that is the mind and body. You tap into a feeling of liberation that many simply can’t or won’t fathom.”

“It’s only after dissolving the false sense of self/identity, discarding it, that you’re truly free to create and live life as a being of abundance.”

Meditation, over time will greatly help you to dissolve your attachment and create the distinction between the falsely created self and the true self.

Action step: (See point 3)

Point 3: Master the mind

“No greater form of duality exists than that of the human mind. It can be your greatest asset, while simultaneously your greatest weakness.”

This ties in perfectly with the earlier point, about seeing the mind and body as the tools they really are. The less you identify with them, the easier it becomes to master them.

The picture the mind creates rarely reflects the true nature and extent of the world around us. We can’t truly fathom the world around. Our perspectives are never 100% accurate.

“If you were to crack open the human skull, peeling back the layers, you’d find that most peoples minds are full of negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions. The reality of the matter is if people learnt to make their minds work with them instead of against them, discarding the mental baggage and in the process generating positive thoughts and emotions that complimented their lives. They’d be much happier and break the cycle of self-inflicted misery.”

Action step:

If you don’t currently engage in some form of meditation on a daily basis, start immediately. (Seriously don’t wait for an invitation). Aim to work up to 1hr of quiet meditation. If you’re a beginner, start with 10-20mins daily and gradually increase the length as your concentration improves.

Just find a quiet place, get away from all the noise and crap of the outside world and sit silently. You can focus on your breathing or on the stillness and silence around to help drown out the majority of thoughts & emotions.

(I’m not going to get into the Nitty gritty of meditation. I’ve written an entire article on it before, and it’s something that’ll be covered extensively in Conquering Chaos.)

Point 4: Dissolve labels, and definitions

The day kids are thrown into the schooling system is the dawn of corruption and the seeds of soulless servitude are planted. In school we’re taught to think like damn robots. We engage in black and white thinking. If you happen to think outside of the box and question the system, or simply present a different viewpoint than the ones expressed (taught) by the teachers you’re branded an outcast or looked at like you have some learning difficulty, because “you don’t get with the program.”

Sadly, it’s not just limited to schools and work places.

This “boxed thinking” has become so prominent in every facet of society. It’s out of this way of thinking that has given rise to the incessant preoccupation with labelling and over defining elements in our environment.

But what’s this got to do with happiness?

Good question. Put it this way.

Why do labels, definitions and preconceived notions affect my happiness?

“It clutters the mind and diverts attention from that which truly matters. More often than not, it increases the likelihood negative characteristics like doubt, envy and jealously to be sewn into the mind. When you’re constantly focused on what’s going on around you? Who so and so is? You aren’t focused on living life to the max. And if you aren’t thriving you’re skiving on growth and joy that really should be yours.”  

Point 5: Pursue self-mastery

“It’s not what we get that makes us happy, but who we become.” Tony Robbins.

“Happiness is a direct result of living to your full potential.”

True happiness, real happiness, lasting happiness etc. The list of names is endless. The terms themselves are actually irrelevant, even damn meaningless. However, for arguments sake we’ll just call it “true happiness.”

The most powerful method of instilling this state within is to understand this one principle I’m about to share.

I can’t stress the importance of grasping this point. It’s so critical that everything else on this list takes a back seat in comparison. Doing this one thing will bring about a significant shift in your experience of life and promote a sense of happiness far greater than anything else.

The only downside, though damn simple, it’s far from easy.

 “True happiness, that is the ability to feel truly at peace with oneself, is a direct result of a person’s control over themselves, their thoughts, actions and emotions. To put it bluntly, self mastery is the key to true, lasting happiness.”

“Simply put, true happiness is the result of the combined development and unification of mind, body and spirit.”

“A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure.” Oscar Wild

Need I say more…. that quote pretty much says it all.

Point 6: Commit to your core values

“Trying to live someone else’s life is a surefire way to be constantly disappointed and unhappy.”

The major problem with the world today is this. People aren’t living their own lives. We’re too caught up trying to look, act and be something we’re not. Everyone on the planet is an individual, yet not everybody acts like they’re individuals. That’s why “group think” and hive mindedness is so prevalent.

In order to live powerfully and draw happiness into your life, it’s imperative you live in a way that enables you to utilise and act in accordance with your core values. IT’S A MUST!!

What are core values?

They’re the principles/beliefs you hold dearest. (They don’t necessarily need to beliefs that are religious in nature). They’re simply the principles that encourage you to seek the most out of life.

These are the values that make up the core of the person you are, the deeper sense of self or what many refer to as the “real you.” They empower life. Think of them like the fuse that drives you.

The best way to explain it is via example, and you can’t beat a personal example.

One of my biggest values is people. This was the key reason I had for developing this site. To share and help like-minded people who want unlock their highest potential and experience life to the fullest. That’s the core of the Uncaged Animal philosophy.

Core values can vary from person to person. Only you really know what you value most in life. It’s something nobody else can identify for you. These values are unique to the individual.

“Unfortunately, most people are so mixed up and out of alignment with their true values, it’s no surprise that misery is inevitably the only option. Happiness, success and the numerous other positive attributes simply can’t exist in a life that has no true sense of direction.”

“You’ll find you’re happiest when you live in alignment with your core values, ideals and principles, because you’re being you from the depths of your being. You’re not masquerading as someone else and not trying to live like someone else. You have your own life, own path and quirks that make you who and what you are, and that’s something no one else will ever have, that’s where the uniqueness comes into play. It’s something to truly cherish”

Action step:

If you haven’t currently figured out what your top values in life are, I suggest spending some quiet reflective “alone time.” Grab a pen & paper, iPad or smartphone, anything that you can use to jot things down.

Get insanely specific with your personal values. Really hone in on them. They’re so damn crucial.

Asking the following questions is a good starting point:

  • What’s important to me?
  • Why are they important to me?

Becoming aware is the first step towards understanding and sets up the path to improvement and change.

In fact, I recommend keeping a journal. I do, and it’s an incredibly effective way to gauge and reflect on your choices, outcomes and general life direction.

This is merely a taster of what’s in store.

 A tiny fraction of the content being made available in Conquering Chaos.


  • Act on the points addressed. Understand them and begin integrating them into daily life. (Implemented correctly the results will be pleasantly surprising).
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Any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. I’d love to know if you plan to use these points to improve life and work towards creating your ideal self.

I want you to realise the abundant power and potential within you. Going forth into 2016 and beyond.

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