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Don't take the backseat in your life.

Don’t take the backseat in your life.

The bottom line is this, you want success, happiness and fulfilment in your life. It’s all anyone really wants for themselves. YOU WANT TO BE IN THE DRIVING SEAT when it comes to your life’s outcome.

You’ve probably found yourself wondering on numerous occasions, how do I go about getting what I want in life? How do I get my life’s worth?

What I’m going to share with you is something you already know, but more than likely haven’t fully committed to. Seldom do people ever opt to do that which is emotionally challenging.

Why? The answer is obvious. IT’S DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE!


Where there’s difficulty there’s development!!

You already know this. Deep down in the furthest, darkest depths of your soul you know this rings true, but you’ve been deceiving yourself. (I know I did for a very long time).

What you have to grasp is this. Human beings are organisms, and on a very basic, primitive level, have hardwired into their psyche a longing/ desire for comfort and ease.

Look at it objectively and logically. How many times has your mind led you in the polar opposite direction to what you initially intended?

Example: You know you need to go to the gym to keep your body in condition, yet your mind tells you it’s ok to skip it because you had a hard day at work.

That’s just one case. There’s more!!

Example: You’ve got work to do, but instead your mind tells you it’s ok to play video games or watch tv and get back to work later.

The dangerous part of this all, is the self-rationalisation that occurs. You ultimately convince yourself that you deserve to take it easy.

There’s no shame, it happens to the best of us.

Like I said earlier, “Humans are attracted to comfort.” (Or at least the idea and feeling of it).

The irony is that, by embracing the challenging path and demanding more of yourself, you’ll actually experience greater satisfaction and comfort as a result. It’s completely counterintuitive. Sounds crazy, but it damn sure is the case.

Now, I’m not saying that you should never take breaks or maintain and rigorous schedule all the time. However, chances are if you aren’t where you want to be in life or haven’t got the kind of results you want, you need to get your priorities straight and cut some comfort from your life.

To achieve your dreams and become a greater human being along the way you need to tread down the uncommon path.

I’ve always maintained that, “ Mediocrity is the far frequented path of many. The path of success is a lonely less traveled road.”

So if you demand more from life, you first need to demand more of yourself.

Do what’s emotionally challenging for you.

  • If you always take hot showers, take a few cold ones.
  • If you’re uncomfortable talking to people, you need to go out and talk to more people.
  • If you love eating junk food and you need to lose weight, guess what you need to cut the crappy foods and start eating healthier.
  • If you struggle with public speaking or speaking in front of crowds, you need to do it a few times to get over that fear.

At first the emotionally challenging thing seems daunting, but once you actually get into a habit of moving towards and challenging yourself, you grow and develop as a person.

Your personal development will improve and you’ll be more inclined to reaching success, happiness and fulfilment that others around you wish they could have.

In fact your peers and family will likely envy you. Take that as a sign that you’re making progress and keep going no matter what. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others and don’t allow them to demean you.

“If you do what everybody else does, you’ll get what everybody else gets.”

 So far we’ve just covered one simple principle, however, if implemented correctly, overtime it’ll pay off massively.

 Now it’s all good and well doing things, even difficult things when you’re motivated to do them

I don’t care much for motivation, simply because it’s temporary. Motivation is a mind pump. Similar to the pump you’d experience in the gym, it comes and goes. It’s here now and gone an hour later.

The truth of the matter is, you’re going to encounter moments in life where you’ll be incredibly motivated to achieve your goals, but it is not a permanent state.

More often than not you’ll have to slog and go through downright hell to move closer to your goals. You’ve got to be mentally prepared to do the hard, emotionally difficult thing.

To develop the willpower, mindset and discipline necessary to get what you want in life.

That’s the real test, and if you can go through it you’ll emerge a stronger, better more efficient individual.

On the flip side, If you rely on motivation and succumb to using it like a crutch, you’ll never see your ambitions come to fruition.

In short, you’ve got to be prepared to do what is required, in spite of whether you feel amped to do it or not.

There are no shortcuts in life. If you want more, put in more effort and you’ll get more from it.

Ultimately the buck starts and stops with you. It’s your call. Take complete responsibility for every aspect of your life and understand all your successes and failures in life are on you.

Remember, “There’s no success without struggle.”