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pahilaa paanee jee-o hai jit hari-aa sabh ko-ay.”
First, there is life in the water, by which everything else is.” Guru Nanak 

Water, water everywhere.

Water, water everywhere.

Before you ask, no-no!! I’m not talking about what you had at the bar the other night. I’m talking about good old plain H2O. (Water). You’ve probably heard many people harking on about how much water you should take in on a daily basis. I know it’s darn confusing and downright conflicting. Some of the “experts” say, “You should drink 8 glasses a day.” Others say, “Only drink when you’re thirsty.”

Who the hell do you listen to?

I don’t claim I’m an expert and know everything there is to know, but I know enough and I’m fed up with all the confusion and myths being spread by the so called “experts.”

As you may (or may not) be aware, water is the spice of life. If you don’t drink enough you’re going to end up suffering at some point.  Generally speaking, you can go three weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.

Draw your own conclusions from that. (I don’t recommend trying either. If you want to though, be my guest). The bottom line is, water is damn essential for your good health.

Back to the subject then. How much should you drink?

Well to put it nicely, it varies from individual to individual. There’s no one  solution that fits all. If you sit on your ass all day from sun up till sun down, then you’ll probably be fine with 8 glasses. Bare in mind though, you lose plenty of water through breathing and digestion.

If you train and exercise hard, you should probably up it a tad. Try 2-3 litres.  You should drink a little more than Joe Blog that sits on his butt all day.

No excuses. None of that, “I don’t want to drink that much water because I have to go visit the gents room a lot.” Deal with it. Do you really want all that garbage you ate last night to stay in your system? Water cleans your insides out. Period.

Tip: If your pee isn’t clear, you aren’t drinking enough. If your pee is clear then you’re drinking enough. Keep it that way.

You’re probably wondering, what’s the worst that could happen if I don’t drink enough water?

Well, good question. Not only does water flush your system and keep your kidneys and liver filtering properly, but have you actually considered what your blood is made of?  Yep, I’m talking about the red stuff that flows through your veins. Blood is literally a “red river.” It’s made up of approximately 83% water. Picture this. Ever seen a river that was as dry as dirt? Literally nothing left, not even a drop. The ground’s all cracked and shrivelled like a prune. (What do you think will happen to you?).

Note: Salt is also damn vital and is a fitting combination with the water. I’m not talking about the stuff sitting on your table. That stuff is real nasty and you’d do good to avoid it. You need real, natural sea salt in crystal form.

Don’t sweat (literally) what your doctor told you about salt and high blood pressure. You aren’t going to consume tons of the stuff.  Did you know that genuine sea salt has 80 essential minerals? (I could write a whole article on it).

Ever taste your own blood? What does it taste like? It’s salty. Your blood and sweat both contain salt. You lose salt through your sweat. If you don’t replace it you’re only screwing yourself in the long run. (Trust me).

You might be wondering what’s the point of combining water and sea salt.

Well here’s the straight answer. If you just drink tons of water, it’s just going to go in and out of your system, you’ll literally clean everything out. (Good and bad).

What the sea salt does is it helps you retain enough water for all your cells. (Don’t get it confused with water bloating. You won’t bloat, unless you over do the salt). Remember the human body’s 60% water.  The brain is 70% water and the lungs are 90% water.

Tip: You should take in approximately 1 tsp of sea salt daily. With about ¼ tsp along with your daily water intake. The rest in your food intake. It isn’t going to kill you, so quit worrying about it. What I do is take 1 salt crystal after every glass of water I drink.

To summarize

  • Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water daily.
  • Take 1 sea salt crystal after every glass of water.
  • Above all. See and feel the difference in your health.

If you want to learn more about the importance of water and sea salt I recommend reading the following:

Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by Dr F Batmanghelidj – A great read by the way, a real eye opener.

Time to get drinking!!!

Don’t start digging a well when you’re thirsty.G.K 

Note: Word of caution, I am no doctor. You’re an expert on your own body. The following info is all from my personal experience. That doesn’t mean you should do exactly what I do. In the event you suffer from health problems, seek medical advice.



Break down the walls stopping you from achieving

Catapult yourself………. to achievement.

“ We’re all achievers in life. Some of us achieve nothing, others achieve something.” (G.K)

Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Lee. The list could go on. What do all these individuals have in common?

All of them are achievers. They achieved and accomplished something in their lives that defied the constraints of the masses. You may not like them, or the methods they used to get to where they wanted to go, but you can’t deny the fact that they all achieved their dreams.

In my book this is what an achiever stands for:

A …………………… Act                                  

C ……………………  Challenge                            

H …………………..  Honest                                                                     

I ……………………. Inspire

E …………………… Environment

V …………………… Vanquish

E …………………… Earn

R …………………… Reap



Achievers act on their ambitions and goals. Pursue them with relentless drive and dedication. (If you aren’t doing that, what are you waiting for?). Achievers don’t just talk about their goals, they follow through and chase them.

Make a move towards your goal, don’t just sit and wait for “the right moment” because it never comes. If you have an aspiration, act on it now, not later. Period!


Achievers don’t fear the challenge. They challenge the fear. There’s no one on the face of this planet that doesn’t fear something. Whether it’s physical or mental. However, what separates  achievers from the rest of the herd is the fact that they confront their fears. (You could say, pretty much, that makes them fearless). The rest hide away, hoping like hell the problem will magically solve itself.

The bottom line is, if you want to be an achiever you’ve got to be willing to face your fear. Stare it straight in the eye and say, “To hell with you, I own you.” Not the other way around.


Achievers are honest enough to admit to their fears and weaknesses, but that doesn’t stop them from reaching their goal and climbing the succsess ladder. You’ve got to be honest enough to admit you’ve got fears. Admitting is the first step to overcoming. And it’s always those first steps which are kick in the teeth.

If you can do that, you’re already on the path to toppling your obstacle. If you can see your faults and weaknesses, you can actively take action and work on not simply improving but outright obliterating them.


Achievers, as a result of their own success and achievement can directly and/or indirectly inspire others. We all look up to individuals that achieved their dreams. They showed the world what they were truly made of. The drive they displayed inspires others into realising their own aspirations, no matter how insane they may sound to some people.


Achievers create and immerse themselves in the right environment, intuitive to their goals. There’s an old saying that goes something like this. “Choose your friends carefully, they say more about you than you realise.”

Your friends and the people you surround yourself with tell a whole story about you without the need for any words. They also have an impact on you directly.

Ever wanted to get something productive done and a “friend” said, “Why are you doing that? Why not sit on your butt and watch the game on TV tonight? Leave that stuff for later.” Or “lets go and booze our brains out.” What they’re really saying is, “forget doing something productive, let’s just screw around.”

Achievers forgo all that garbage, lose the useless friends that are a constant annoyance and distraction. (That doesn’t mean all friends).

The point is, if you want to be an achiever, surround yourself with like-minded people, if you want to be like filth then… (I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what to do).


Achievers don’t merely achieve their goals.  They completely crush them. They vanquish any obstacle in their path that stands between them and their accomplishment. Achievers have tunnel vision when it comes to their goals. Nothing will stop them from achieving success.

You have to develop that type of mindset where only your goal matters. You’ve got to commit to it 100% to really crush it. Anything less is just a half- assed attempt. Sure, you might still achieve it, but there’s no satisfaction.


Achievers earn their worth. They go out and get what they want. It’s not handed down to them on a silver platter. If you want to achieve something, go out and get it, don’t expect it to be given to you. Nothing ever just falls into your lap.

You’ve got to go out and earn it. Once you earn something you’ll value it more, because you’ve gone through all the effort to get it. Parents usually tell their children, “You’ll only appreciate something when you earn it.” And that’s so damn true.


Achievers reap the rewards of their drive, effort and relentless pursuit of their goal. The single greatest reward is of course, the realisation and achievement of their dream. There’s no feeling in the world like seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel and to see all that effort was worth it and finally paid off.

For me that pretty much sums up an achiever.

Ready to become an achiever?

I sure as hell am, how about you? 





Meet Terrific Tiger. He encompasses the meaning of being an uncaged animal. So bend those damn bars and get uncaged!!






Tasty stuff

Tasty stuff.

The abs are made in the kitchen”, as the saying goes.

Time to get down to everyone’s favourite subject without sounding like a cookbook (being sarcastic!). Now if you want to get awesome abs, doing the exercises is all fine and dandy, but until you lose the lard, no amount of exercise is going to get the suckers to pop. You have to diet and eat properly. No getting around it!!

There are numerous diet plans and eating regimes out there for fat loss. But you demand effectiveness. Only the best will do. After all why waste time and effort doing something that isn’t giving you satisfactory results. (Chill. Everyone’s gone through it).

The two simple and effective methods that’ll get you shedding the lard and getting the awesome abs you deserve at a jaw dropping rate are:

  • Carb cycling
  • Intermittent fasting

Carb cycling

Sounds complicated? Huh, nonsense! It’s just alternating days of low and high carbs. (Not as complicated as it sounds, told you).

There are probably hundreds of ways to utilize this strategy, but the one that I’ve found the quickest for shedding the dough is, three days low carb, one day high carbs.  What the rest of the fitness community calls “carb re-feeds”. Call it what you will, the point is start implementing it and watch that lard turn hard.

You’re probably wondering well wise guy, what the hell do I eat on those low carb days?

Well maestro, I thought you’d never ask. Fuel up on protein, fats and greens (veg). Avoid starchy carbs like the plague on those low carb days.

As for the higher carb days, choice is yours. Eat what you want. You have the day to eat some starchy carbs. Don’t waste it. After all  it comes only once every three days.

Now some of you reading this will probably say, “I couldn’t do that, it sounds so hard.”

Save your groaning for someone that actually cares. I’ve personally used both these methods and the result speaks for itself.  Don’t tell me it can not be done.

For those moaners I’ve got a question. Do you really want to lose that fat and get awesome abs?

If you do, you’ve got to be prepared to work a little. You have to get a bit sweaty and put your guts into it. Many of you reading this series, have come this far and proved without a shadow of a doubt you’ve got the courage of tiger and are prepared to realise your goal.

Time for method two!! 

Intermittent fasting

I’ve covered this a little in previous article (A GUIDE TO DEVELOPING AN IRON WILL) but let’s recap. Eating all day to lose weight becomes a chore. I’m not saying you can’t lose fat doing it, but why make something so simple so complicated. In nature the prey graze and eat periodically while the hunters eat sporadically.

Simply eat 2-3 larger, more satisfying meals instead of 6-8 tiny ones.

Do you really want to live in your kitchen?

There are two methods of fasting I’ve used.

  • Leangains (Daily 16hrs fast with 8hrs eating window)
  • Eat Stop Eat (24hrs fast)

Personally, I’m currently using the leangains method.

Now if you’ve never used any of the above methods before, you can try them out as a singular method, alternatively you can use the very same method I outline below.

(Drum rolls).

All you have to do is combine the two above methods mentioned earlier.(Carb cycling with intermittent fasting).  It’s straightforward and  works well. Don’t mess around with it, keep it smooth, just stick with the steps I’ve given.

Tip: It’s probably easier to implement with the Leangains method than Eat Stop Eat.

To summarise, eat 2-3 larger meals in an 8hr eating window. Fast 16hrs a day, and eat low carb for three days, with one high carb day. That’s it. No screwing around.

Note: This isn’t a diet to follow forever. You can do the intermittent fasting as long as you want but just use low carbs until you’re as lean and mean as you want. Then go back to a diet you like. (Keep it healthy though).

There you have it folks. This 3 part series comes to a close.


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With some SWEAT and GUTS

With some SWEAT and GUTS

Lets get down to it.

You want abs. Not just abs, but awesome abs. You don’t want to waste time, money and effort on useless gizmos and doohickeys that promise the world but deliver so little. Well gents, here it is plain and simple, the very same exercises I used (and continue to use) to sculpt, pummel and polish my abs into shape.

Time to get lean and mean!!

Note: Perform 3 sets of each exercise. Seek medical advice before performing any exercise!!!

EXERCISE 1: Weighted floor crunches

This exercise is so simple. It hardly needs an introduction. Everybody knows about crunches. Probably the most well known ab exercise around. Regular bodyweight crunches are fine, but if you really want those suckers to pop you need to add a little weight. No need to add tons of weight though. You’re just thickening them up a little. (Particularly if you have very flat abs and want the groves to be more defined and visible).

If you want chiseled and stronger abs add some weight. Period.

If you already have thick abs however,  you can do a few sets of weighted crunches, but I’d stick with regular crunches if I were you for the most part.

To perform, simply do as you would a regular crunch, whilst holding a weight plate, or dumbbell above your chest. You can also position it behind your neck.

Tip: I like using a rep range of around 12-15 reps. If you’re doing bodyweight crunches, go to failure. (The point at which you can’t keep pumping out reps).

EXERCISE 2: Hanging Leg raises

Good old hanging leg raises, another well-known move for the abs. This exercise is targeted towards the lower portion of the abs. Simply grab a chinning bar or anything you can hang from and lift your legs into the air. Make sure you feel it in your lower ab area otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Don’t under any circumstances throw your legs into the air (using momentum) otherwise you’re robbing yourself of any potential benefits. Keep it simple. If you’re not feeling it in your lower ab region then you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not strong enough to keep your legs straight while doing this move, you can keep your knees bent.

Tip: This move will really burn!!! Also your grip will get worked from holding onto the bar. I like to keep the rep ranges slightly higher with this move, given that you are using your bodyweight, 20-30 reps or going to failure should do it.

EXERCISE 3: Seated rope/cable crunches

This is a move I recently started using. In fact it’s currently the only move I do for abs. You can use it in place of the weighted crunch like I do. (If you have access to it). It’s a pretty basic and straightforward move. Perform the same way you would any crunch, only difference is you’re in a seated position instead of flat on your back.

Simply set your butt down on a flat bench, grab the rope from behind and get to work.

Tip: Really contract and squeeze the abs hard during this movement. Feel the burn. I like to keep the range between 12-15 reps.

BONUS EXERCISE : Lower back raises

This isn’t really an exercise for the abs as such. But if you’re working your front (abs) you need to work your back (lower back) to keep the balance. People that only focus on their abs and neglect their lower backs are foolish.

Only developing the abs without attention to the lower back is one of the biggest causes of injury. This exercise might not develop your abs like the others in this article, but it sure as hell will save you from avoidable lower back strains in the future. Think about it. You always hear about somebody tweaking their back. Heck, the doctors’ surgeries are full of people with lower back problems.

To perform, simply lie on your front, on the ground. Slowly lift both your upper torso and legs off the ground in conjunction with each other. Really feel the stretch in the lower back.

Tip: I like to keep the rep range around 10- 12 reps. Remember you don’t need to kill yourself on this move. It’s more of an injury prevention exercise than a strength / shaping one.

So there you have it. Moves for sculpting “Awesome Abs”.  Pretty simple and basic. No hitting abs from 50 different angles using 50 different exercises.

It’s up to you to try them out. You can either incorporate them into an awesome abs routine of their own to blast your abs, or use my preferred method of picking one move and adding it onto the end of your regular training sessions, rotating exercises when you feel like. Choice is yours.

Now we’ve covered myths in part 1 and exercises in part 2, but none of these exercises will make any difference, unless you shed the dough. (Not the bucks / dollars! hint, hint).

In part 3 we’ll cover simple diet strategies to set you straight.

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