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Want awesome abs?

The curtains up. Take a look.

The curtains up. Take a peak.

You know you do!

Good old abs. The tight core. The ol’ “six pack”. Whatever you call them, everybody wants them. The ladies swoon over those rippling, hard cut muscles. Problem is, there are too many senseless overcomplicated myths and concepts. Weaving through all the lies is a workout in itself.

Relax, let’s cut through all the garbage and get you on the way to sporting a set of your own. (If you don’t already).

No other muscle, (other than biceps) probably gets as much attention as the abs. So developing them should be a priority. Big arms, chest and back along with a spare tyre just isn’t going to make the cut.

In the first part of this series we’ll cover the misconceptions and set the record straight.

“Hell yeah! It’s myth busting time.”


This one’s got me stumped, the fact that it’s still around. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t have the time to hit abs from 50 different angles every single day. Nor do I care to. Fact is if you haven’t lost the lard, no amount of ab work is going get those suckers popping. I hardly train my abs nowadays and they’re just as hard and cut as when I used to work them. (I do recommend a few moves to sharpen them up, but nothing terribly time consuming). No need to do 1000 sit-ups, crunches or whatever else daily. (If you’re doing that you seriously need some hobbies).


Get it in gear. The abs are one muscle. (The Rectus Abdominis). There is no upper abdominal muscle and lower abdominal muscle. They aren’t two separate muscles. It’s just one muscle!! If you add in the obliques, lower back and hip adductors it becomes more than one muscle. (The core).

When you perform a crunch for example, you’re targeting the upper region of the abdominal muscle, but your lower ab region is also getting worked albeit to a much lesser extent.


Personally, I don’t do cardio, because I don’t like it. In all honesty, I’ve never really done it. Guess what? Eureka, I still sport a set of awesome abs.  Cardio is not the only or most practical method of fat loss. It’s more time consuming than it’s worth. You could actually spend that time doing something more valuable. (I’ll leave that for you to decide).

I see many people slogging away on treadmills, exercise bikes and contraptions that I can’t even name. Yet, they still look terrible. What they fail to understand is that all they’re really doing is working their cardiac system. (Not a bad goal). Sure they’ll burn a few calories here and there, but what good is burning off the amount of calories you’d find in a chocolate bar. (If you want to do it, knock yourself out).


Eating 6-8 small meals daily, will lead to insanity. (Or close to it). You might as well live in your kitchen. Life is for living and I assume you have other things to do with your time than eat, cook and clean.  Eating all day will leave you feeling sluggish and hating yourself.

That said, you need to make sure you’re eating less calories than you burn every day, and there’s an easier way to do it than constantly slaving away in the kitchen.


Read this carefully. There’s no secret diet pill, exercise or routine that’ll get you a solid set of abs. All these things are completely bogus, the fake fat burners and “Program X.” The people that sell these products just want your money and they’re laughing at you. (Laughing all the way to the bank).


There’s no special starvation/borderline anorexic diet that will make you look ripped, lean and mean. You’ll probably just get damn sick and skinny.(Not a good look). Forget the “lettuce all day diet”. None of that stuff will work. Sure you’ll lose some weight, but not what you think. (i.e. more muscle than fat loss).

There are probably hordes of myths out there. However, to keep this simple and straight to the point we’ve covered the main five.

Now you’re probably wondering…. hey smart guy what do I do to get awesome abs then?

That’s where part 2 of this series comes in. In part 2 we’ll talk about exercises for sharpening those abs. Don’t miss it. Subscribe now for free.(If you haven’t already).



Thinking away.Greek Thinker Auguste Rodin.

Thinking away….. Greek Thinker Auguste Rodin.

“You’re only as original as the world around you.” (G.K)

“Nothing is ever said, which has not been said before.” (Terence 195- 159 BC after being accused of borrowing from Greek dramatist Menander.)

Are you original? 

Take a moment. Re-read that to yourself. You may think you’re original, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the society we live in today it’s this, every thought or feeling you’ve probably had has been thought a million times over somewhere. From the Great lakes of Canada to the desserts of Mongolia, since the dawn of time itself.

Ever dreamt of an idea that you felt was great and wanted to act on, only to find some other windbag beat you to the punch line? (I have). Catch my drift?

Anyway, back to the main point of this outburst.

Take a look at the fitness industry, for example. There are numerous training programs out there. Each one takes from another and changes and tweaks the concepts to suit their own need calling it “our version.” They’re not genuinely inventing anything new, just molding and shaping something that’s already in existence and adding their own mark to it.

The legendary Bruce Lee studied and explored many martial art forms. He took what worked well for him personally, discarding the rest and adding his own mark to it.


“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” (Bruce Lee) 

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” (Bruce Lee)

You travel by plane when you want to visit another country. Ever stopped and asked yourself where did the genius(s) who invented this great flying machine get the idea? Let me give you a clue. What in nature flies and has feathers? (If you didn’t guess, it’s a bird. No, not the one wearing the skirt!!).

Still with me, haven’t lost you yet?

You probably have role models/individuals you look up to. Successful people who achieved something worthy of respect and attention. You try to emulate their success, don’t you? Look at that word “emulate.” Study it. What does it actually mean?

When you break it down, you’ll realise it’s just another way of saying copy. Somewhere along the line some genius thought, “the word copy sounds too rough and rugged, lets replace it with a nicer, flowery way of saying it. Lets call it emulate.”

When you say, “I’m emulating so and so”, it means you’re copying their success and trying to apply it to your own desires.

Be real and admit it!!

The only real “originality” is that you’re applying their strategy to something else and adding your own creative spin to it.

So you see, no person on this planet is 100% completely original. If they say they are, they’re lying to you. (That’s right, lying).


I believe only the 5 elements are original in their true form.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Aether.

What do you think?

Still think you’re original?




Made of iron. With a will of iron.

Made of iron. With a will of iron.

“In the absence of will, man is left hollow and empty.” (G.K)

“People do not lack strength; they lack will.” (Victor Hugo)

There’s one thing I notice with people in modern society. If you haven’t guessed it from the title of this article, it’s the sheer lack of will power and inner strength. It’s all been replaced with weakness, mediocrity and uncertainty. If this sums you up, don’t sweat it. All is not lost. You can change. Of course, the average person lacks the will to do this and that’s why they’re average.

But if you’re reading this, it means you’re not happy with average and only the best will do. After all, no trophies for second place and second place is first loser. Be the best you can be, take first place and uncage the animal within.

Here are a few pointers you can implement today that’ll get you en route to developing a will of iron. (If you haven’t already).

1)   Lift weights

Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There’s nothing like pumping some iron. Nothing tests your will power like lifting. It’s just you against the weights.  Pushing hard for those last few reps, going through the agony and emerging victorious. The gym is the battleground for the modern warrior. The feeling of succeeding is one of the best you can experience. Do that day in day out and you’ll understand why you’ve developed an iron will.

Of course, it helps that there are many other benefits to lifting weights, namely sculpting your body and getting strong.

2)   Take cold showers

Forget those steaming hot showers. Those are for wimps. A warrior showers one way only. Cold. What more is there to say about them other than to get out there and start taking them regardless come rain or shine.  Try it today. The feeling after taking one is incredible. (If you take them regularly like I do, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about).

In fact, go and have one right now after reading this. It takes sheer will power to get under a shower with cold water flowing through. After a few seconds many people give in and turn that dial the opposite direction. Not you though. If you want a will of iron, you’ll endure that cold water no matter what. Why? Because you’re a ferrell animal.

Would it help if I told you that you’ll get some nice bonuses like, better immunity (don’t want to catch that nasty cold now), increased resistance to the cold, better looking skin etc. (Deserves it’s own article). The point is, the positives outweigh the negatives i.e. all the above mentioned benefits vs a few moments under a cold as hell shower.

3)   Intermittent fasting

The average person lacks the will to refrain from  munching (like cows). They’re continously stuffing themselves. Eating constantly to lose weight is a nightmare. You’re practically chained to your kitchen. In nature the hunters eat sporadically. Grazing is left to the prey.

In simplicity, eat fewer meals throughout the day. At first it will be hard going against your body’s rhythm. That’s where the will power comes in. Believe me, I do it every day so I know. Eventually you’ll get to the point where it becomes second nature, just like breathing. Effortless!

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of it all. There are plenty of other resources out there for you to find the info. Simply find one that you like and get going. If it’s any consolation, the two methods personally used by yours truly are:

Eat Stop Eat (24 hr fast)

Leangains (16hr fast 8hr eating)

Some of the known benefits of intermittent fasting include; easier method of fatloss, decrease in time spent cooking and dishwashing etc.

4)  Learn a Martial Art

(This is one I myself need to get back to).

Learn and practice a martial art. Before you ask, it doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s one you feel comfortable with and can stick with. After all, what’s the point of starting something if you just quit for no other reason than “I didn’t like it.”

Martial arts will instill discipline within you and that will have a direct impact on developing your will power, If you can stick with it. (That requires an iron will in itself). You’ll see the results.

There are of course, other numerous advantages. The one you’re probably interested in is being able to defend your butt and kick the daylight out of any wacko that attempts to get a piece of you. (No responsibility taken for your actions)!!!

And with that it’s time to go, lift some weights and take a cold shower!!!

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.” (Douglas Macarthur) 




The Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger training. Need I say more.

The Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger training. Need I say more.

Do you workout?…….

The phrase “working out” is thrown around often. The irony is that it doesn’t seem to have much weight. It’s become a casual term without much meaning. Nothing irritates me more than the term “working out”. Not the word itself, but the way people use it. They don’t do the word justice.

Ever seen all those people that “work out” at the gym? You know the ones running on the treadmill or whatever equipment they’re using. Do you notice anything specific about them? They are all out of shape, but they have convinced themselves they are making progress because they are “working out”.

I’ve seen people “working out”, on their phones, watching the TV monitors and reading magazines. All of this while they’re supposedly “working out.”

Standing around!! A new exercise I never knew about

Standing around!! A new exercise I never knew about

Let me tell you something. Working out is the new lazy. Working out is just a nicer way of saying, “I go through the motions, I’m not really pushing myself, but I go to the gym and just screw around”.

I, on the other hand do not workout, I train.  Train with fire, intensity and rage. If someone was to ask me if I did workout, I’d say, “No I don’t workout, I train and train damn hard too.”

You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, okay smart guy what’s the difference between working out and training? Well let me give it to you straight.

Working out is a pansy way of exercising. It’s the new lazy. It’s for people who try to prove that they exercise, but in reality they just go through the motions without ever feeling the aching, swelling and burning of their muscles, without really testing their strength and pushing themselves to their limit.

Training is going beyond that, pro athletes train. It’s a whole new level. Training is like sprinting, while working out (the way many average individuals do) is like walking. One will give you results the other will give zilch.

Which one do you follow?

Am I asking you to train like an athlete? No, absolutely not. But if you’re not working hard, you should be.

How do you train then?… Simple. Get in the gym and start tearing it up. Experience the burning and pumping of your muscles. Feel the weights. Don’t just lift them expecting your body to change itself.

Consciously feel what the exercise is doing for your body. Your mind must guide your body. If you can’t do any of this, don’t train at a gym. Forget those shinny new sneakers/trainers and latest gym clothes and find yourself something else to do with your time.

Make the time count. Every minute, second and millisecond.

If you workout/train and are doing it properly and seeing results, excellent. Keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not, shape up and fly right.

Note: More info on all aspects of training, lifestyle and numerous other subjects will be available. Don’t forget to subscribe for free to receive future updates .






Ever asked yourself the question what does my dog say about me? No. Well sit down and get reading.

There are many ways to judge the character of an individual. See a guy in a three-piece suit and you think to yourself banker, lawyer or businessman. Whatever, the point is you think of success and wealth. It’s the same with cars. See a Ferrari on the street and you think riches. See an old banged up pick up and you think rags.  You get the point. Your possessions can tell a story about you, without you having to open your mouth.

For those of you that own a dog or thinking of owning a dog here’s something to consider. Do yourself a favor and purchase something that at least represents a dog. Not one of those tiny things that can mistakenly pass for a hamster or a gerbil.

I can literally count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen massive 6ft+ guys walking tiny little things they call dogs. In my opinion it just doesn’t fit right. It doesn’t look proportionate. It’s like having a massive upper body with scrawny, little legs and calves. (Note: if you own a small dog and are a big guy, shoot me a comment as to why you like small dog breeds).

Small dogs are better suited to the ladies and old grannies. Not massive guys. I personally own one of the biggest dog breeds that is in existence. “Tiger” my dog. These dogs emit power, strength and masculinity.

Just the other day, I was out with my dog heading down to our local park, when two fellas were exiting. One look at the dog, they commented “that dog is big.” They then proceeded in stepping aside and giving us way to continue.


Despite what the media says, these dogs aren’t the vicious killers they are portrayed as. Trust me. Having owned three of them I know. With proper training and good discipline they can make some of the best friends a person could have.

That’s not to say other breeds aren’t good. There are lots of other good dog breeds. Just remember, if you’re going to buy a dog, make sure it is at the very least the size of a Staff. (Staffordshire bull terrier for those that aren’t good with breed names).

The take home point here is “having a powerfully built and sized dog will command respect and even some good old fear.” People will make trashy comments saying fear and intimidation are tools of the devil, but you want a little of that. After all you don’t want some random wacko coming near you or your property. As long as your dog doesn’t bite or harm anyone you’re golden.

Remember, leave the baby sized dogs for the ladies and grannies. If you’re man enough get yourself one that represents your stature.